Woke Normal Public Library

By: Diane Benjamin How are kids supposed to learn the correct use of pronouns when the definition is whatever people define themselves as? Refuse to comply with nonsense! Participants need to proudly where their “pronoun pins” so the world knows who sows confusion. The Normal Public Library tops the list. Is drag queen story hour […]

Normal – 10/5/2020

By: Diane Benjamin https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3744 Who gets to explain at this meeting why payments can’t be discussed? So far Kevin McCarthy and Kathleen Lorenz have proclaimed they are all in the budget. Place your bets now on who the baton gets passed to for this meeting! Below are a few choice examples nobody can ask about. […]

How bad are Normal’s finances?

By: Diane Benjamin What we do know: The freshman class this year at ISU was down 9.3%     https://blnnews.com/2017/09/07/numbers-lie/ State Farm has cut employees and is cutting more Normal has a budget deficit (local media reports) The Normal Library has decided not to build new – the library WAS the centerpiece of Uptown 2.0  (local […]

Normal Monday spending

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2882 (click any pics to enlarge) Plans and spending to replace the library continue: (If your income was down, would you continue with plans to build a new luxury house just because you want it?) Apparently Normal is sending 4 people to DC for One Voice – $1600 each.  These are […]

Bernie Sanders: Destroying America

By:  Diane Benjamin He is a self admitted socialist with a populist message.  He thinks America has a 40 year history of destroying the middle class.  He wants to “invest” a trillion dollars over 5 years in infrastructure.  (What was the stimulus bill?)  He wants to “invest” $5.5 billion employing young people.  He want to end […]