Free Free Free and WOKE

By: Diane Benjamin

The Normal Public Library sent a news email to subscribers. If you didn’t get it, below is the first item in it. I’m sure this will go well for taxpayers! (Note the ALL)

17 thoughts on “Free Free Free and WOKE

      1. They’re not Free. Nothing is Free. We The Taxpayers are paying for that. To say it is from a, “grant” obscures the true source of that money. Also, the specific use of the word, “all” indicates these will be available in Women’s AND Men’s restrooms. As stupid as that is, it’s true. Tampon machines are in boys restrooms in schools. The mentally ill women who use the Men’s room will have these products available.

  1. Hahahaha they’re fighting “period poverty.”

    Maybe they should stock mental health medication too.

  2. I can tell you don’t go in the library. The bathrooms are single stall, gender neutral. These products are also grant funded.

  3. Is the precursor for free cars, “in case you have no way to get to the library”? (sarcasm) We read around 100 books per year, each, and have not been to the sticks and bricks library in over 10 years. All of it is available, free, with an app on your phone or tablet. This is just another GIANT waste of money, better known as theft.

  4. The only thing better than virtue signaling is knowing that you’re making people that disagree with you pay for it. What joy!

  5. I haven’t been to Normal Public Library in 30 years. Maybe I should swing by & get some free gunshot wound plugs. Eh, on second thought…

    1. More than you might think. They’re more than just the dusty book warehouse that many seem to envision.

  6. Kudos to John for posting about using free pads for gunshots. Or sucking chest wounds.
    If nothing else they can be used to soak up the leaks from wind generators.

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