“Professional staff” need redacting lessons

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal’s “professional staff” redactions – one completely redacted the other one not. Both on-line comments support approving High Haven. I redacted the email address on the first one, staff redacted the name and email address on the second.

Why were they treated differently? Because staff is protecting the second person? Normal doesn’t care it is illegal to redact names of senders. Did the same person write both? Lots of it sounds similar.

2 thoughts on ““Professional staff” need redacting lessons

  1. If they are vaccinated….which you know they are….they are getting dumber by the day as their immune systems attack the vaccine’s spike proteins that have passed through the blood brain barrier and attached to their brain cells. Brain cells in the vicinity of these attacks are killed…. resulting in drops in IQ, the loss of higher brain functions and a tendency to be emotionally driven. Did anyone else noticed that the drivers in our town seem to now drive like they are apes on crack? Yup…. welcome to the real life version of Idiocracy. The good news for the unvaccinated is…. we will soon be geniuses compared to the vaccinated.

  2. “Professional Staff” is an oxymoron used only to describe government employees. The incompetence that is regularity shown by the self-described “Professional Staff” would never be tolerated in the business world.

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