Need proof Normal Trustees work for the TOWN?

By: Diane Benjamin

Karyn Smith submitted a long list of questions to Pam Reece concerning the agenda for the May 1st meeting. Pam Reece responds to her questions are in yellow. Of course watching a meeting won’t reveal any of these answers, citizens might actually have the same ones. Questions are all completed before meetings and only a FOIA will tell what is really going on.

See this excerpt:


Karyn must think she will be kicked out of the club if she says something the Town doesn’t want public. Representing the citizens of Normal means you don’t need permission from government to speak Karyn!

See an entire page (1of 3) of questions Karyn submitted – especially the “circled” part:

3 thoughts on “Need proof Normal Trustees work for the TOWN?

  1. Why now does she speak out? She. Had support? When stan was in there he could have used some support. Now she’s going to try to fight that council and then mayor all by herself. This makes no sense at all. Normal is not normal.

  2. Is Stan being slandered here? You should FOIA for all references to Stan and see how pervasive it is.

  3. Not being slandered by me. Stan only person that has stood up to that council all the years that I lived in this community.

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