Marijuana report

May 12, 2023:


If you think cannabis is harmless, read the story. Of course you could continue to think it is, many will.

9 thoughts on “ Marijuana report

  1. Unfortunately, there will still be those who insist it’s harmless. AND Normal “government,” Illinois “government,” and the federal “government,” DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE! They care about themselves and their own interests.

  2. Weed is all about the money – It was not “legalized” to help the consumer, it was legalized to make the folks in the “state controlled” pipeline richer!

  3. Well I hope you forward this article to every member of both city councils!

      1. The Normal council won’t care; I get the impression most of the Bloomington council won’t either but don’t follow them closely enough to say for sure.
        Readers need to educate their friends/neighbors/relatives/etc on these issues, including the fact that politicians don’t care, but do so in a non-preachy way that won’t cause eyes to roll or glaze over.
        I know easier said than done, but we need more good people to step up and out of their comfort zones – the left is winning this cold civil war because they are for the most part the only side fighting.

  4. I would love to know how many have been treated locally at ER centers. Never a news report on that. Local governments would expand distribution centers to every street corner if they thought they could make an extra buck. Where does all this money go? Not sure I really want to know. All a part of a post-Christian society.

  5. The ONLY reasons they legalized weed was #1- to keep more people dumbed down and #2- collect tax money. For the most part government only helps the people occasionally to put on a show while behind the curtains they’re helping themselves.

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