Normal – 10/5/2020

By: Diane Benjamin

Who gets to explain at this meeting why payments can’t be discussed? So far Kevin McCarthy and Kathleen Lorenz have proclaimed they are all in the budget.

Place your bets now on who the baton gets passed to for this meeting! Below are a few choice examples nobody can ask about.

This is the group Connect Transit hired to run the Working Group, they left without finishing the job. Chris Koos also serves on their Advisory Board. Why does Normal need a membership?

Anybody believe this is ONE window? Is this from the looting? Nobody is allowed to ask!

The Children’s Discovery Museum is CLOSED:

How does a closed facility use this much energy? You aren’t allowed to ask!

The Normal Theater was also closed in August, it didn’t stop them from spending $4,915.65 on advertising. They will claim they have contracts.

No need for a new library:






10 thoughts on “Normal – 10/5/2020

  1. The library has been closed since the beginning of COVID. We have been told it is the center of knowledge and how essential it is for our communities and now can sit sit closed for six plus months.

  2. unarmed robbery of the taxpayers will never end unless people are called out and lawsuits are filed

  3. Vote in April. Get your friends, family, neighbors out to vote. Excellent turnout is crucial. We have some fine candidates with integrity who are stepping up to the plate. Please support them.

  4. I heard, not verified,  that the total repair bill for the police cars vandalized cost the Town $70,000 as 30 to 35 officers stood by and watched their squad cars get damaged and the looting of Target.  When I was in the Army 1970 to 1973, as part of training I was tear-gassed at least 5 times without my mask on.  the Army was training us not to panic if tear gas drifted back on us or if the rioters threw the canisters back at us.  They did not want us to panic with loaded M-16’s if were ever called to riot duty.  The rioters at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago did throw them back at police.  I cannot recall if soldiers and or national guard was in Chicago.  However, did not want another Kent State.  Tear gas completely disables the recipient for 20 minutes or so and the effects last about an hour.  Besides burn your eyes, it knots up stomach terribly.  Using tear gas and/or pepper spray would ended the incident quickly.   Also the punishment from these non-lethal deterrents would deter these people from ever looting again, more than the slap on the hands that the judge will give.  Would have saved Normal Taxpayers and Target much money.  From what happened in Minneapolis, it set the tone.  All Cities would allow the rioters to loot and have the police stand by.  I have no idea why the chief said he had the police stand down because there was risk of them and the looters getting hurt.  These looters did not have guns.  They were out to loot because they knew the police would do nothing.  If looting in BN happens again, the police will still do nothing except perhaps take the looters pictures, only with permission of course.

  5. Ron, you make a lot of sense. Tear gas and pepper spray seem inexpensive, compared to the damage caused and the court costs that will continue for a long time. Any idea if Normal even had tear gas or pepper spray? If not, we should know why our police are not properly equipped. I want to be confident in our police but their stand down order has me skeptical.

  6. Generally it is the mayor (Koos) that will give the order to stand down. Obviously pre-planned that the looters knew in advance that they could take what they could carry and most likely be paid by some Soros organization to do so. So very sad that such treasonous individuals reside amoung us. Noting that the looting and rioting are happening is demonrat stronghold cites it’s a waste of time to give any of these mayors/governors the benefit of doubt. It’s way too obvious. I guess the only saving grace about it is that idiots like Koos just don’t get it that they are not a member of the billionaires club and will be cast aside to fend for themselves when the SHTF gets into a higher gear. These idiots do not understand that once their usefull idiotness is no long needed then,,,good luck sucka.

  7. Hopefully at some point people are going to wake up and realize that these government funded entities such as the library, children’s museum, Normal theater, Route 66 gas station, and all the other stuff are debacles that are sucking taxpayers dry in Normal as we move further and further into debt. Trail east is proof these people just don’t get it. There’s no end in sight other than the April 2021 elections.

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