Update: Nailed it! Early voting suspended in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

I think that boat has sailed BEC. If you have a problem with your ballots everybody who has already voted has a problem. How many ballots have you mailed?

The specimen ballot on the BEC website does have a problem – two questions are missing: https://www.becvote.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/General-Election-1120.pdf

Anyone who has already voted did not have the opportunity to vote NO. Someday I hope people realize that just like diapers, judges need changed frequently!

I don’t have any inside information, this is just a guess. I’m sure the spin room is very busy coming up with a fix and explanation.

Too bad Bloomington didn’t approve ending this election commission when they had a chance. You could have saved money and avoided problems like this.

This error will cost you.

If you haven’t figured out voting this early is really stupid – now you know it is.

9 thoughts on “Update: Nailed it! Early voting suspended in Bloomington

  1. I talked to a person in the Bloomington Election Commission before the sample ballot was posted. She explained the process which included giving ALL parties a chance to contest the sample ballot before it was actually posted on line. There were plenty of chances to correct any omissions before presenting to the public. I voted early. Does that disqualify my ballot?

  2. Plain and SIMPLE, TRUE Americans are NOT so darn busy that they cannot get out of their pajamas and go to the poll and vote on Nov 3rd, unless they are just plain dumb assed LAZY. YES, I have mailed ballots in before, but that was when I was working out of state for extended periods, and I would send the ballot in EARLY! THat’s NOT so difficult… Come on people, didn’t you PRACTICE this in like, 6th grade???

  3. the guy had 1 job … how did he even get the job ? another over paid under skilled friend of Taris gets a city job. This kind of negligent incompetence IS actionable from a HR standpoint and public trust standpoint. If Tim
    Mitchel has any dignity he would resign. If Tari -n- Gleason had any standards THEY would fire him. Aldermen on the council : do you even care how much this guy screwed up ?

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