ISU: Job Opening #2

By: Diane Benjamin

Have there been sightings of guys in white hoods on campus? Burning crosses?

This is job opening #2 to convince students they are being discriminated against. #1:

Your dollars are being used to uncover racism where little to none exists. Americans are not racist! Democrats have to convince minorities it exists however to keep them on the plantation. Many are refusing to buy it anymore.

If ISU has so much racism on campus that programs have to be created to combat it, why would anybody send their kids to ISU?

This is really about social justice – socialism, Marxism, communism or whatever you want to call it. Keep in mind they are using your tax dollars to create a their new culture!

If ISU spent as much time teaching the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence they would be preparing students for life as Americans. Obviously that isn’t the educational goals.

ISU held a conference after Trump was elected. I wonder if they will use donations again to hold another one after this election. Note the local speakers were democrats:

9 thoughts on “ISU: Job Opening #2

  1. Diana, I absolutely appreciate your reports on the direction Illinois State University has elected to go!! I’ve sent both of your recent “alerts” to many people, inside, and outside Illinois.

  2. Well, there is no longer any doubt they have gone completely to the marxist end of the spectrum. Wow! I hope all donations from Alumni dry up. They do not deserve any more money.

  3. Looks like Dietz is appeasing the mob. All these job openings at once with the backdrop of the football coach’s exit and athlete protests/tantrums. Interesting timing. Just wait to see how these positions will be used to change the curriculum, bully people with differing viewpoints, and otherwise turn the campus toward identity-first politics. College campuses more closely resemble North Korea (where 99% of people agree on everything) than an open democracy where differing ideas, perspectives, and experiences shape contribute to the greater good. I suspect if you don’t say or do what they want, you’ll be bullied or forced out under the label of some sort of “ism”. ISU and colleges, in general, are running on borrowed time. Employers have figured them out and now parents have too. “You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for $1.50 in late fees at the public library.” – Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting

  4. It’s the “Democrat” mode of operation these days! Point out a problem/issue and then create it..
    JOB SECURITY aka: brainwashing!

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