What did Tari say?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting ended with accusations against Tari for what 2 aldermen heard he said at the conference below.

It would be really easy to find out the truth – just ask Mike Matejka or Chris Koos – they were there with Tari:


You might want to look at the rest of the conference, if you’ve ever donated money to ISU you might have paid for it.



There is no way $14,000 was all this conference cost, the keynote speaker was from Texas.  The following departments also sponsored, so tax dollars were likely used:

This statement is in the Free Beacon article:

The conference was a year in development, according to a university spokesperson, dating its genesis to the 2016 presidential elections.

Why didn’t I ever see a freedom and ethics conference in the Age of Obama?



18 thoughts on “What did Tari say?

  1. Diane, I’m not a hateful person. I’m really not. But I’m really starting to hate these people. I’m trying not to. But they are seriously dangerous.


      1. You are correct. They can’t handle the truth. Renner claims the ordinance is a “welcoming” ordinance but the presentation he did with Koos was titled, “Sanctuary Resolution.” Honesty?? I don’t think so. They can’t recognize the honesty. Their truth is based on “confirmation bias” not facts.


  2. And always be mindful–while we try not to hate them, be absolutely assured that people like Tari have a deep, pathological, and, as “b” said, “seriously dangerous” hatred of us. We must be cautious, vigilant, and absolutely expect the worst from them.


  3. I listened to Renner on WGLT yesterday. It is amazing how he spins his statements, literally less than 24 hours after the council meeting, for which there is video to review. Of course, WGLT would have spun his statements for him anyway, but he did them the courtesy of doing it himself this time. The arrogance of that little man is reprehensible. He must be defeated next election, along with Buragas, Robustelli, etc.


  4. I want to point out two media outlets description of female Council members.

    1. WJBC described Schmidt as red faced. Ask yourself if this were a man would a physical description been thrown out there?

    2. The Pantagraph twice quoted Tari talking about Painter screeching or something to that effect.

    I’m not fans of anyone on Council right now, but when 2 women stood up to Tari take notice how local media denagtades them. It sexist and a sad commentary about where our media thinks the women on Council should be. Lock step with The King or the media will work to humiliate you. Where is NIOT, the League and the YWCA now?

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      1. Koos is politically smart enough to know Tari is a liability. It really says something when the lefties on the Council and Koos turn on one of their own.

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    1. You are correct about how women are portrayed even in this day and age. But, the “screech” comment is a quote from Renner. He is the one who denigrates women.


      1. Wonder how the YWCA, NIOT, and League of Women voters feel about Tari’s comments? If a conservative mayor said this, there’s no way he would get a free pass. This alone exposes these groups as hyper-political, as they’re willing to let women be insulted and degraded in order to protect their political interests and ambitions.


    2. NIOT, the League, and the YWCA are probably still standing on the sidelines as bobble heads of approval. Perhaps Schmidt and Painter can appreciate what Judy Stearns put up with as they were both more than willing to treat Stearns as a cast away. As a long term council member Schmidt should have come to Stearns defense but she did not. Whatever wrath she feels from the King Tari is karma.


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