The fix was in

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari was against privatizing garbage, so last night he changed the rules.

An Executive Session (secret meeting) was part of the 5:00 meeting.  I don’t remember when the video has ever started before their secret meeting.  It did last night so an ASFME representative could inform the Council that privatizing garbage service was not an option.  Taxpayers need to pay more so the union members can live better than most of the citizens do.  Yes, Tari is transparent.

This Council will not cut anything because City employees are more important than you are.  The jobs (votes) must be protected, you aren’t allowed to find out the private sector is far more competent than government.

Nobody mentioned that Bloomington is robbing Enterprise funds by claiming Administrative Fees:

In 2017 the City took almost $374,000 from solid waste.  Your fees are going to increase so the City can keep tapping their slush funds.  In 2012 they only took $209,000 out, of course without explanation.  Did administrative costs really go up 56% in 5 years?  Maybe in “government” world.  See the link above, the City is balancing the budget using funds supposedly for a specific purpose and then telling you to pay more because the fund doesn’t balance.

The conversation last night revolved around how much citizens LOVE Cadillac garbage service.  They are therefore going to explore cutting services and raising the price.

Does the Council even know the Enterprise funds are being robbed?



20 thoughts on “The fix was in

  1. Did anyone actually think that the unhinged left-wing lunatic, Taxin’ Tari, would go against his biggest campaign contributors… the unionized city employees? Little Napoleon’s next campaign slogan should be “To hell with the taxpayers!!!”

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  2. The Pantagraph reported that a Solid Waste driver’s salary begins at about $50K. Add benefits and the total compensation is about $80K. 35 driver X $80K = $2.3M annually. Pension spiking is written into their current contract which doesn’t expire until April 2019. Is Council aware of those figures?


    1. WOW ,,i worked 35 plus years as a driver working for a whole seller and busted my but and never made more any year than 28,000 , paid my own insurance and into a 401 . these folk are getting well paid indeed .. what is the average amount per hour they get , is that a salary paid wither it’s 5 to 10 hours per a day .


  3. Joni Painter looked at the mayor yesterday and said “why are we even going to vote you have said you would veto any idea of outsourcing?” The mayor responded in his usual arrogant demeaning attitude, something about his 30 or 40 years of experience. I will give him experiencehe would not last one day in the business world. It doesn’t take much brain power to know that you cannot continue to raise your prices for an item or service
    regardless of the quality the consumer will eventually go elsewhere where it is cheaper. That is what should happen with solid waste removal, raise your prices for the next 2 or 3 years and then raise 3% from then on I guarantee voters will demand a change. The union contract is up in 2019 we negotiate lower salaries and healthcare cost sharing if the union will not negotiate they are through we outsource!

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    1. Sewer frees (another enterprise fund) will increase May 1. They are proposing the increase of LMFT and property tax. About $3M is tied up in land located downtown. They just hired the two DBA “Directors” at $250K plus benefits annually. The Council is taking the easy path.


  4. of course they are ..using one funds monies for other things , then saying the fund needs higher taxes ,, imagine that .. those clever son’s a b*ches .., if there’s any transparency it sure is hiding ,, cause accountability , honesty and affordability have left this town ..


  5. “Does the Council even know the Enterprise funds are being robbed?”

    Did they even know they were being robbed at the Elephant Dome too? I think we all know the answer to that question.


  6. They may have the “Hales” interpretation of an enterprise fund (we know how to best invest the citizens money), but they are not paying attention because they are focused on Economic Development, The Arts, Downtown Bloomington, A sports complex, and a brand new Water Park. If stealing money from the poor to provide entertainment, jobs, and TIFs for Tari’s best friend Vicki Tilton and her friends isn’t what the North Korean and Russian government does, I really don’t know what is. Enjoy your bread comrads because soon we shall starve.


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