Protester, nonsense, and Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s going to take multiple stories to cover last night.  This is #2.  (#1

Tari has a protester at City Hall this morning, it’s not the first time he’s been there, this is just the first time I got a pic.  He is a disabled army ranger:


Last night the City Council voted to spend $20,000 with GovHR to search for a new City Manager.   This is the same firm Joliet used to search for their City Manager that gave them David Hales.

Keep in mind GovHR didn’t tell them about the Coliseum indictments, they found out after the voted to hire Hales.


Tari proved he has the mentality of a gossiping teenage girl last night when he referenced a development in the process that he isn’t allowed to talk about.  Just hit play, it proves the protester is right.



12 thoughts on “Protester, nonsense, and Tari

  1. Just an afterthought while waiting for a City Manager to come and take control –
    Acting Assistant City Manager, Steve Rasmussen, came to Bloomington just three short years ago.
    Rasmussen migrated here after a fallout from his previous municipal position in Jefferson City, Mo. – that is neither here nor there.
    What is relevant is his lack of hands-on experience and knowledge with and about Bloomington, and his lack of City Manager experience and skill as a whole.
    Certainly, military life and career are commendable to the highest degree, which Rasmussen possesses.
    However, that doesn’t avail itself for much expertise at managing an expansive and complex municipality like Bloomington with all it’s impending troubles.
    All that said, Rasmussen now finds himself at the helm of our troubled community with fissures and cracks throughout its foundation while waiting for a replacement (which is s real slap in the face of Rasmussen from the City).
    It begs the question: in the meantime, from where does Rasmussen draw the wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, expertise – or call it what you will – to determine what is the right course, the correct move, or what the next step is or should be?
    Granted, while performing in the shadows of former City Manager Hales, Rasmussen acquired small measures of all those attributes mentioned, but only to the degree they necessitated his immediate functions then, which were far-less demanding than they are now.
    So from where does the information come and/or where does Rasmussen draw his ability and knowledge to know what’s the next best step for Bloomington?
    It’s an interesting – and puzzling – matter.


    1. I consider it an asset to be NOTHING like Hales. Steve did a good job presenting the budget issues – far better than Hales ever did. Steve is actually expecting the Council to lead. They are supposed to. Hales never allowed it, he had ways to lead the Council to where he wanted them without them realizing it.


      1. I don’t disagree with you. Some things are certain, however: 1) this Council isn’t aware of nor do they have the ability or skillset to lead, and 2) any incoming City Manager will not allow it and will continue on the same status quo track as Hales perfomed. The agenda has not changed; thus, the course and its outcome will not change.


      2. Hales ran the ship into the ground–along with Renner. There is no leadership–only disfunction and mistrust on the Council. There is no money in the bank. Infrastructure and facilities are in shambles. A miracle worker would have a hard time salvaging this mess. Give Steve a chance. Looks can be deceiving.

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  2. And while my post really had nothing to do directly with Hales, per se, here’s the fly in the ointment:
    Rasmussen prefers the Council to act on their own and do the right thing. And, you’re correct, they should. Trouble is, they have never performed at that level and will not now. The dead-giveaway is that while Rasmussen is NOT leading (as he shouldn’t), he is doing nothing but the limited job of City Manager, something Hales never did. But neither is the Council doing anything different. Nothing has changed; the same flawed policies and projects and outcomes move forward from them and in continued Hales-esque fashion and function. So, back to my original question – where’s the direction coming from? Who’s calling the shots?


      1. Respectfully, I disagree. Renner is not likely calling the shots; there is a bigger agenda at work and bigger tasks than Renner contemplates; the status quo actions and activity is not typical of Renner political style or personal character and he has never been the decision-making force behind the Council. That has always been Hales. It’s just food for thought.
        But, you are correct that Renner needs to be replaced.


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