When it happens to you . . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council didn’t care when Tari attacked Judy Stearns over and over.

They barely cared when Tari attacked numerous citizens, including me.

It’s a different story when Tari attacks the Council!

At the end of last night’s meeting Tari commented he was upset the five alderman sent their demand to cancel the Welcoming Ordinance meeting to the media.  The five obviously knew sending anything to Tari is a waste of time, so they went over his head.

Karen Schmidt called him out for his comments about the 5 council members in front of a social justice conference at ISU.  He evidently told the crowd the 5 were “popping champagne corks” to celebrate defeating the ordinance. Joni Painter and David Sage joined her assault on Tari, the council divide is now complete.  Mboka Mwilambwe attempted to be a voice of reason, I doubt Schmidt, Sage, and Painter were in the mood for reconciliation.

Tari’s exchange with David Sage shows his character.  He refused to say he made those comments or deny it.  Tari finally admitted he doesn’t remember what he said.  Sage went on to praise Karen Schmidt and empathize with her because she is the one being targeted by groups wanting illegals protected.  He proclaimed the Council can not be the victim of bullies.

There was  temporary respite when Jamie Mathy acted shocked by the outpouring of donations for the fire victims.  His words mirror the national media who are always surprised to find out who real Americans are when a disaster strikes.  The discussion then returned to the welcoming ordinance.

Alderman Bray was on the phone with more comments, of course Tari had to respond.  Amelia Buragas commented after a motion to adjourn was made about transparent discussions.  Karen Schmidt suggested a joint meeting with Normal, the issue should be dead but activists won’t let it die.  A guy stated during public comment that he wanted the ordinance even though it doesn’t change anything.  See his comments at 9:55.

If the welcoming ordnance changes nothing, the Bloomington Council is wasting time on the irrelevant.  It does embolden law breakers though, just like the citizens police review board emboldened hatred for the police.  See this story as proof:    http://www.gunssavelife.com/not-lovin-normal-il-mcdonalds-staff-tells-illinois-state-trooper-f-police/

update: employee was fired

The illegal alien supporters won’t be happy with an ordinance.  Next they will demand illegals be allowed to vote in local elections.  That’s what progressive activists do – push, shove, intimidate and never stop trying to turn government against people who just want laws enforced.  Tari promotes policies to divide the population. he has officially divided the Council.

The video proves this Council is now totally dysfunctional.  Nothing will change under Tari Renner is gone.  Just hit play, you might want to make some popcorn first for the show.




15 thoughts on “When it happens to you . . . .

  1. I like that I pointed out that Tari’s behavior is disgusting at the beginning of the meeting and even though Karin and Joni used the word dismayed because they are classier…we all agreed…Tari Renner is disgusting. And so is this coalition. The guy who spoke seemed like quite the dictator as well. “Now we are going to leave”. And all the little sheeples followed him out. I will say Karen’s comment about letting NIOT take care of this issue, as NIOT IS NOT A VERY INCLUSIVE GROUP.


  2. They all need to be replaced, especially Tari. And you are absolutely correct. Liberal Progressive Communists NEVER stop. Ever! Their “long march through the institutions,” is without end. That is how they are destroying the United States of America.


  3. The easy solution is to leave it on the agenda, vote it down, and move on instead of leaving it hanging. The problem is they can’t bring themselves to say NO to anything. Everything has to be unanimous or not at all.


  4. First off, Old Town Township. I do not own property in Old Town Twsp, but have been involved with Township Government in the past. Liability’s do impact Townships when they are forced to take these kinds of Subdivisions, Snow removal being on of the most complained about. People that live in a country Subdivision generally move there from a City environment and think they will have the same benefits, and while they will, it will take longer to get total snow removed as the Road Commissioner has miles and miles of roads to do with a very limited amount of equipment. Same with road updates and repairs. Most Townships have two to three part time employees and the Road Commissioner to do all the hands on work.

    I listened to the discussion about the new Ordinance. but what I really do not understand is why the Mayor thinks he has to stop and tell his point of view or even interrupt someone that is giving their point of view. His constant defending his position only prolonged the meeting.

    Watching and listening to this fiasco, proves to me why the outside of City limits is no place for this kind of leadership.


  5. State Farm is about to announce a round of layoffs that will further bring down our local economy. Instead of taking this challenge head-on and leveling with the people, Tari and the City Council are wasting their precious time bickering.


  6. What a show indeed. Through her body language I think Karen S. wanted to rip Tari’s head off. I don’t blame her, so do I. What an idiot. I think they are finally figuring out what kind of man he really is. I also think Buragas is just Tari’s lap dog.


  7. I love this video. I wish everyone would watch it. If you watch till the VERY END…the WGLT reporter approaches Schmidt for comment and Schmidt says “no….I’m not talking.” before the video cuts out.

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