Welcoming Ordinance emails

By: Diane Benjamin These emails were received by FOIA: I have many emails against the Welcoming Ordinance.  This one shows the thinking of people wanting the ordinance. If you believe government performs services better than the private sector, you are dead wrong.  The private sector has to compete for your business, government just taxes you […]

Solid Waste! DONE.

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s protester is back in front of City Hall this morning: Below is what the Council passed last night 6-3.  Alderman Sage, Schmidt, and Painter voted against it. A 95 gallon can is now $25.00 a month.  It will increase $4 a month plus 3% a year that means: 1 year 29.00 2 […]

The fix was in

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari was against privatizing garbage, so last night he changed the rules. An Executive Session (secret meeting) was part of the 5:00 meeting.  I don’t remember when the video has ever started before their secret meeting.  It did last night so an ASFME representative could inform the Council that privatizing garbage service […]

No bills/payroll plus unions

By:  Diane Benjamin The City knows what Bills and Payroll should be posted to their website, evidently you aren’t allowed to know.  Nothing has been posted yet, but approval is on the agenda: Labor unions are running the City of Bloomington! They don’t work for you, you are their slaves forced to pay their salaries, […]