Maybe waiting for it to turn to mulch?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

That story has pic from last Friday of brush that was scheduled to be picked up last Tuesday.

This pic is from yesterday, the brush is still there – 8 days after it was supposed to be picked up.  It has to be in the street to keep it from killing the grass and allowing homeowners to mow.

If it is there long enough the homeowners can use it for mulch.  It might take a year or two though.  The snowplows will probably get it before then anyway.

There are a lot fewer employees picking up garbage and brush.

The City:

  • Has charged you more for less service
  • Failed to provide what they promised
  •  Need to get out of the garbage and brush service

brush not cleaned


13 thoughts on “Maybe waiting for it to turn to mulch?

  1. Ours was picked up one week late. It was a pile of leaves from our surprise lilies. When they finally removed them they were fermenting and smelled so bad. I’m ready to start throwing into our regular garbage that is picked up weekly. We have another pile waiting for Friday’s pickup. It’s a shame that those of us that care about how our yards look, need to wait on trash pickup. At least ours are in the alley and not sitting in the street.

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    1. So today our yard waste was picked up one day early. Interesting. Not happy with this because I was planning to put out more today. Now it will be another 3 weeks until this batch is picked up. Now what? Throw it in the weekly trash?

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  2. A friend of mine who lives in the Hershey Grove Subdivision… both of her neighbors have had piles of sticks in front of their houses for two weeks now. They used to pick these up right away. Now they just sit and blow all around and look horrible. Maybe if Mayor Little Man would focus on our city and our city services and our city infrastructure instead of his far left agenda and his new buddy (Jenn), we could have a town that would attract new people? While I am at it… If you are reading this Mayor Little Man…. Another meeting just finished and you let your new buddy (Jenn) display her gay flag in front of and higher than the American Flag…. So is this OK with you? FYI- it is not OK with me and most of the real people in this town. 95.5% of Americans are normal heterosexuals… and we are just sick the death of having 4.5 percent of the population constantly shoving there perverted lifestyles down our throats all the time.


  3. We bag up our leaves, weeds, etc and take it to the yard. I got tired of reseeding, after the leaves killed the grass.


  4. We’re STLL waiting for them to pick up brush from 2 WEEKS ago, when the branches had GREEN leaves, and now they are blowing off.. Friday the recycle guy will give us ANOTHER BLAST of broken glass on the street!
    Thank you TAXIN TARI! And Johnee..


  5. I can honestly say that up until about a year ago, public works did a pretty good job in our neighborhood. No complaints. But sometimes as times do change, now they suck.


  6. I have 2 large trees in my backyard the leaves in the fall create a huge pile out front. There is no room to pile them up between the sidewalk and street so I make a nice pile in the yard so the sidewalk and street is free of leaves. Two years ago the leaves were picked up last year the city refused to pick them up because they were in my yard the leaves were only 5 feet from the street. As a result all my grass died in a6 by 12 foot patch. This year the leaves will be in the street and on the sidewalk if you drive by please don’t think of me as being inconsiderate. I just want my leaves picked up.

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  7. If you want action, tell which ward and show a picture of the council person. If it is still there in a week, a bigger photo of the council person and list the number of days or weeks its been out there. Increase photo size each week. Nice guys do not always finish where they should.


  8. When elected local government becomes a vehicle for Marxism, deviance, and sometimes violent political correctness (Crazy Jenn calls it “civil disobedience”), basic city services deteriorate, then eventually collapse–see Venezuela. Welcome to “Caracas On the Prairie”.

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  9. Good point Maggie! And as we all know ole Jen knows all too well about CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!
    Or as Trump might phrase it, ILLEGALS!
    We’ll talk about flag protocol later…


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