UPDATE: More Brush Pickup Mirth

There is more to this story:

The homeowner has informed me their brush was the only stop on the street today.  The truck drove past many other piles to get to their house. 

This likely happened because they demanded a refund for service they never received.  Instead of a refund, they sent a truck out at 7:00 am to pick up what is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow anyway!   Waste of resources?  They are livid.

They have not reserved a response to the refund request.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The pic below is the same house I’ve written two stories about previously:  https://blnnews.com/2019/06/19/maybe-waiting-for-it-to-turn-to-mulch/

Brush was scheduled to be picked up two weeks tomorrow.

It was picked up TODAY.

Brush is scheduled for pickup tomorrow.

Will the crews be picking up tomorrow too?

(Yes, I’m sure the homeowner will clean up the remnants)

Private service is ALWAYS better.  Some day the Council will get smart.

brush early.JPG

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: More Brush Pickup Mirth

  1. OMG…. the debris just composted itself on the road! Three weeks now for the yard waste in the Hershey Grove subdivision…. yes the fresh leaves on the branches are dry and falling off – Street composting must be a leftist program that Mayor Little Man will soon introduce as an environmentally sound way of dealing with our yard waste. So all the good people in this town who care about their yards and spend time and money to keep them looking good, now have to wait 3 weeks to get their waste removed? But Mayor Little Man’s focus is on giving money to his cronies, the downtown, Transit Disconnect and turning our city into a sanctuary for illegals?


  2. I’m pretty sure ours has been sitting there for 3 weeks. If I’m over-estimating, it’s at least 2 weeks. It’s been long enough so many neighbors have theirs out too. What was “green/live” clippings has turned brown and is getting gross. I saw the giant arm/boom truck in our neighborhood this morning, but it’s all still there. #disappointing

    I think I’ll email my council member and see what I can learn.


    1. So, after sending my email last night, it may just be happenstance that our whole neighborhood was cleared of brush and debris today?

      Whether or not it’s a coincidence, I’m just happy it’s done!

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      1. Hershey Grove was finally cleaned up too…. seriously it was 3 weeks of yard waste everywhere. Hey Mayor Little Man: How about you concentrate on the issues of the people who pay THOUSANDS of dollars of property and other taxes? I know it might not be as fun as nuzzling up to SJW Jenn, defending the rights of illegals, going to Gay Pride events, lunch at Rosie’s with the city credit card, meetings with Bike Nazis on the next bike lane, trying to make Bloomington a sanctuary city, selecting the “right fit” businesses that conform to your idea of what our town should be, taking care of your cronies with sweetheart city contracts, selecting the next high paid consultant for the next pipe dream you have and being a full time out-of-touch ivory tower college professor who has never actually had to work a day in his life or ever had to meet a payroll. Clean up the trash, fix the roads, start spending our money wisely, and stop taxing us to death.


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