New Name because of Jenn

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

I hear the owners of the new restaurant downtown have renamed it from The Gypsy Room to The Mystic Kitchen & Tasting Room.

If you remember, Jenn Carrillo took to social media demanding a name change because Gypsy is a racial slur.

Leftist are always changing the meaning of words, since Jenn won this round we should  expect more.  The restaurant would have had more business if they had stood up to her.  Remember the LONG lines at Chick-Fil-A?

I wish somebody would ask the two owners how much money Jenn’s ridiculous antics cost them.  They haven’t even opened yet.

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12 thoughts on “New Name because of Jenn

  1. Carrillo would never know this because she has probably never attended an athletic event in her life other than to maybe interrupt one. The boxing heavyweight champion of the world is a guy named Tyson Fury. Although he fights for and lives in Britain, he his of Irish Traveler heritage, an identity he is proud of. So proud in fact he goes by the nickname the “Gypsy King.” Would like to see Jenn lecture those people on their heritage and call it racist. Even the women would go after her.


    1. Perfect example, and yes REAL gypsies have no problem with the name Gypsy as long as it not inferred in a derogatory way. And, ya just GOTTA love Tyson Fury. I myself personally know a few real gypsies of both the Romany and Irish/Welsh Traveler variety and I don’t know any who are easily offended by the word “Gypsy” unless, as previously stated, it is used in a meaningfully hurtful/insulting way. Naming a restaurant “Gypsy Room” is hardly meaningfully hurtful or insulting.

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  2. THANK JEN! I like “Mystic” even BETTER as it’s meaning will TOTALLY elude one who probably has NO CLUE as to what “erudite” even means. Thanks again!
    a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.


  3. Utterly sickening, truly utterly sickening and sickening as well that the owners capitulated like they did so quickly. Jenn is a bully, a true bully, just like nearly all of the SJWs really are. If anyone doesn’t understand how these leftists operate – I suggest Ben Shapiro’s book Bullies, it explains it very very well. Now that she has had a victory look for more of this sort of thing over names, signage, menu item names etc. Nothing is too innocent or trivial for a REAL SJW to get all triggered about and start demanding their wishes be obeyed.

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  4. I wonder if Jenn will now complain that the new name is disrespectful of mystics or is inconsiderate of people with eating disorders? (Since it’s only about *Tasting* not actually Eating.)
    I would have made a definite effort to go there if they had stood up to her. Now it sounds like the back room at a fortune teller who provides snacks.


    1. I won’t go there now either, I WOULD have had they fought to keep the original name but now it is readily apparent that it will just be ” fancy little food” at inflated prices with a “new agey” vibe run by a SJW who just didn’t know ALL of the NPC/SJW rules, and uh, no thanks. I would have REALLY been up for it had they had actual Romanian, Albanian, Hungarian type cuisine – now that would have been great. Oh and I love your description of it being a fortune teller who provides some little snacks – even that would have been intriguing.


  5. Ronin: I agree with you 100%, but the ONLY way to SILENCE this type of behavior is to go 100% opposite of it, and just KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS! Sooner or later outside observers will see WHO the REAL PROBLEM is in the situation and also ignore their “rants” It’s JUST STARTING to happen to Tari, and others like him..
    It’s kind of like a kid screaming and kicking on the floor! Once they realize they are not getting attention, they move on to another toy!
    It’s just too bad that even the media in this country condones this behavior also, while vilifying the President..


  6. Eventually, Jenn will challenge a business owner that won’t back down. That’ll be fun to watch. She will lose in the court of public opinion and it will cost Tari and his agenda more support within the community. He’s probably working to calm her down behind the scenes.


  7. The little man is actually probably already looking for Jenn’s replacement. Anything less that 100% the Tari way is unacceptable in his little world.


    1. I disagree. I believe he would love to have a Carrillo seating in every council seat. This city has about four or five years to begin righting itself or it too will die an accelerated death. Carrillo and Renner both of serious mental problems that have not been properly addressed. I believe the behaviors you see out of both of them are the result of a childhood and upbringing that was anything but conventional or normal. I have worked with people like both of them. Always sarcastic, smartest people in the room, considered no ones opinion but their own and thought everyone was their intellectual lackey. Both these people came from incredibly screwed up family backgrounds. Needless to say, nothing of substance could ever get done. Both Renner and Carrillo come from these backgrounds. I believe Renner’s behavior comes from deep seeded daddy issues while Carrillo’s comes from a lack of a close relationships outside of her mother who by what she has stated was much and is like her…mad and full of rage for unknown reasons.


  8. Watch Jenn complain about the name “mystic” I think they should have just called it nothing and put up a blank sign. Personally, I feel the name Jenn is offensive. I demand she change it!


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