You probably missed some Fireworks Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Just for fun, watch a Bloomington Council meeting without the sound.  Observe what the people who aren’t talking are doing.  Some of the facial expressions are priceless.

The speakers do some entertaining things too – like this:  (just two examples, there are more)

cozy jenncozyjenn6

Think Jenn and the Mayor are a little cozy? Here’s Tari playing Joe Biden:

biden tari

Is there a rift between Scott Black and Jenn?  Jenn couldn’t be sitting much closer to Tari and farther away from Scott:

space black

I heard the Tari and Jenn left the meeting together for a few minutes.  It isn’t on camera, it was probably during a presentation where the camera was on the speaker.  That fact came from someone in the room.

I wonder if Jenn knows her texting during a meeting is subject to FOIA:

textingjenn The fireworks started during the discussion of appointments.

Scott Black had mentioned a few people from Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit went to Justin Boyd’s downtown office to ask him to withdraw his name for appointment to the Connect Transit Board.  Scott didn’t approve of their actions.

Carrillo spoke next.  She stated civil disobedience and direct action may be the only way to effect social justice change.  She approved of their actions, she plans to remain an activist instead of a representative.

What followed needs some setup.  Tari Renner has a long history of vilifying comments from aldermen who don’t agree with him.  He frequently responds their comments with some of his own.  As Mayor his job is to facilitate meetings, not control the content of the discussion.

Donna Boelen spoke after Jenn, Tari of course had to respond.  Donna’s microphone wasn’t on when she called Point Of Order, it’s a little hard to hear.  Tari acted like he had every right to prattle on – Kimberly Bray then instructed Tari on the role of Mayor.  Of course he didn’t care and started in again.  Donna interrupted him again.

This meeting went on a lot longer than scheduled.  It was Tari’s job to keep it within the time limits specified or ask the Council to vote on additional time.   As the facilitator he failed.

The meeting at this point had been going for more than 2 1/2 hours.  Maybe everybody was tired and realized they were achieving nothing.  Tari’s behavior is nothing new.  It is enlightening to see alliances evaporate and reform elsewhere.

Council meetings will be contentious until some members realize they have limited to no influence over the other members.  Tari will be a target until he learns his role.  That won’t be easy since he’s been acting this way for so long.  Stacking the Council isn’t working for him.

Get the popcorn ready and hit play:

10 thoughts on “You probably missed some Fireworks Monday

  1. The far away look in Tari’s eyes when he grasped Jenn’s shoulder is priceless. Did, in actuality, Mr. Black move away from Jenn ? Her perfume ? Or lack thereof ?
    This was a very touching Council meeting.
    Jenn ? Text ? FOIA ? How dare you Diane.


    1. I see Uncle Creepy Tari and jackjaw Jenn sharing more than just council seating space. Jenn gets any closer to Tari and she will be sitting in his lap!


  2. Tari continues to act immature and strongarm “his council” to get what he wants. I’m wondering if Tari is feeling some heat from the Downtown businesses resulting from Jenn’s continuing/unrelenting support and encouragement of civil disobedience, first with Gypsy and now Justin Boyd’s office. Business owners talk and are far from stupid. They’re worried Jenn and her activist supporters might come for them next in one form or fashion. Tari can’t afford to have anyone fall out of line among the Downtown crowd since he needs their buy-in for the transfer station and other development ideas you know he’s got in his back pocket.

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  3. QUOTE: The Ahmad court reaffirmed that a message contained on a publicly issued device is subject to FOIA. Whether an email or text message on an individual board member’s personal device is subject to FOIA depends on the context surrounding the message. Citing the City of Champaign case, the Ahmad court further recognized that the personal email or text message would constitute a public record if it were used, sent, or received during a city council meeting. Similarly, the email or text message would constitute a public record if it were used, sent, or received by a quorum of the city council. Thus, if the alderman forwarded the message received on his personal device to enough other alderman to constitute a quorum, the message would become a public record. Such messages would be subject to disclosure under FOIA because the alderman would be acting as part of public body while at a public meeting and/or while conducting public business through a quorum.

    Ms Benjamin, please turn in a FOIA ASAP for her text phone records the last 2 council meetings. Wonder if she will delete the records as fast as she deleted her Facebook posts that implicated the city to a multi million dollar lawsuit.

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  4. My God Tari talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks…..he goes in circles, off topic, nonsense, and back to circles again. Absolutely terrible “leadership” – he would never be successful in the private sector.

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  5. The way Tari and Jenn are seated, my guess is his live in girlfriend will be looking for another place to live soon. Or will Tari do a threesome (tari/jenn/girlfriend) as for the texting during meetings: go for it. I’d love to see what she’s saying .

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