Scott Murphy resigns from the County Board

By:  Diane Benjamin

FYI:  Scott Murphy was one of my representatives on the County Board.

Today Scott submitted his resignation:

June 18, 2019

Chairman McIntyre,

We are in the process of moving from our home in District 2. Residency rules preclude me from continuing to serve as the representative of that district.  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve on the McLean County board. 

In February of 2016 when I asked the board to appoint me to the vacant seat, I said I did not have an agenda to push nor did I want to make radical changes to the county.  I did not want to change the direction of the ship.  I merely wanted to take my turn at the oar.  I hope I have done that. 

While I will miss serving with the fantastic people who make up the board, the staff and the other elected officials, I have no doubt that the County will not miss a beat in my absence.  McLean County is a special county because of the extraordinary leaders who came before us, the phenomenal leadership we currently have and the strong people in this county who have yet to step up to lead.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this job and I highly recommend it to those contemplating public service. 

I am respectfully tendering my resignation as a representative of the 2nd District on the McLean County board.  This resignation is effective Tuesday June 18th at 10:00pm.


Scott Murphy

Here is the rest of the story:

Scott and his wife were planning to downsize at some point because they no longer have any children at home.  Somebody put a note in their mailbox asking for contact if they wanted to sell.  Scott called and they made a deal!  The Murphy’s received an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Scott is in the process of selling his business in Lexington and his wife is planning to retire from ISU in the next few years.  They are moving to Bloomington, and no he isn’t running for mayor.  (I tried).  The new house is only 150 yards from the border of his District, but unlike some in the past, he respects the law requiring him to resign.

Scott provided me with this statement:

I am sad to step down off the County Board, but the law says I have to and no one is above the law.  I think the board is a strong institution.  It will keep chugging along without me.  I did not go to the meeting this afternoon.  There were no big issues to vote on this month.  I did not want to take focus from the work of the board and shift it to a member leaving.  Politics is bigger than any individual politician. 

Scott plans to stay involved in politics.  He is one of the good guys who serves the citizens, not some agenda kept hidden until after being elected.  The County is losing a great representative for the people.

Chairman McIntyre will have the job of appointing his replacement.  It won’t be easy finding a candidate as smart and dedicated to the County as Scott.  His new home is in District 10.   Hopefully we will see Scott again.

Scott was first appointed to replace Matt Sorensen, then he was elected in 2016 – unopposed.


4 thoughts on “Scott Murphy resigns from the County Board

  1. He is the kind of people we need to step forward more! I hope he runs again for Something – County Board, City Council, State Rep, US Rep, wherever he feels he can do the most good or be the biggest improvement over whatever elected officials are currently in place.
    Thank you for your service, Scott, and for your refreshing honesty and integrity!


  2. Heck, he was even one of the BEST guys to work for as a kid detasseling. MANY of the others were slave drivers, but most everyone wanted to work for Scott-or did so at one time. It’s good to see he’s carried that “torch” through his life, and I hope he continues to do so..
    Honesty in politics, darn near an oxymoron!

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