Bloomington’s 3 hour meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo still had her illegal gay pride flag in front of her.  Being divisive is why she ran for Council.  Keep the popcorn ready. it’s only a matter of time before she makes a fool of herself again..

The can’t miss speech at Public Comment last night came from Gary Lambert.  The topic was Tari’s slam of Clarence Thomas for not acting black.  Gary used Thomas’ own words to show how racist Renner’s comment was.  Lambert’s quotes show the brilliance of this Supreme Court judge.  1:03:20 – Just hit play. 

Public comment starts at 35:13.  Besides Connect Transit, numerous speakers asked the City not to approve a Liquor License for a business on Elm Street – Park Pantry.  The Liquor Commission must have approved it at their June 11th meeting.  It will be on next Monday’s Agenda.  It will be interesting to see if neighborhood concerns outweigh alcohol sales disrupting the peace.  The Connect Transit presentation began the meeting.

A presentation from the Finance Director followed, Bloomington will be getting more money from the state.  Don’t expect tax decreases.  Most details still have to be worked out.

Next was a discussion of appointments and serving on various Board and Commissions.  The discussion was held so some of the Council could curb Renner’s appointing unqualified people.  Of course they didn’t say that.  Jamie Mathy mentioned the Property Review Board, he’s heard that Board favors property owners instead of someone filing a complaint.  He also mentioned the Liquor commission that really isn’t one now.  Renner has decided he is the Liquor Commissioner instead of using the historically Bloomington structure of having 5-7 people making decisions.  Mathy is going to do a Council initiative to codify circulating applications to council members 14-30 days in advance of a vote on an appointee.  You may want to watch Scott Black 2:15:15.  He claims to value opinions he doesn’t agree with.   (Hint:  It will be difficult to stay awake if you watch this entire discussion)

Finally Jeff Crabill tried to make a case for rejecting the Connect Transit budget because of route changes and fare increases.   Evidently he wasn’t told he only had 3 minutes to make his case, he was cut off by Kimberly Bray and then Renner.  He failed to convince enough of the other Council members.  They fell for Connect’s scare tactic of saying not approving the budget could force the system to close down.

3:05:30  Donna Boelen stated Ward 2 has NO bus service.  The large buses can not navigate the areas with low income high density housing.

The entire Connect Transit budget issue is the fault of both city leaders.  It should have been discussed when Connect was finished preparing it.  The budget is not dated, so I have no idea when they posted it.  In my memory their budget has never been discussed at either Council meeting.  Connect has been left to do the bidding of the Renner-Koos appointees.  No transparency, and of course no fiscal responsibility.


8 thoughts on “Bloomington’s 3 hour meeting

  1. Why was Jenn Carrillo allowed to sit up the snapping her fingers in support of some of the commenters? I thought they were to show zero acknowledgement to any commenters and anything they had to say?

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  2. A 3 hour meeting, much like a song about a 3 hour tour. The Minnow (Bloomington) is getting tossed (Connect Transit threats, local leftist politicians) if not for the courage of the fearless crew (those who stand up to these politicians like Carrillo and Renner) the Minnow (Bloomington) will be lost. Presently we are stuck on the uncharted desert isle (created by excessive taxation and the business unfriendly atmosphere led by Tax’n Tari)…..
    On another note….just to add to the lack of over the air local media incompetence in this town….
    WEEK should be embarrassed. For their network to do an hour show on a local story (Zimmerman) and not have 1 second of video credited to them (NBC used none) nor any input from their news department in the form of their coverage of the story as the story took place. Yes they put a super up for 3 seconds to go to website for Beachy’s thoughts, but if they were worth anything it would have been part of the on air story.
    Instead they had to rely on a bobbing head comments with Bunny Lunny to what the NBC
    reporter said. Finally, had to love when he introduced her as a reporter with the PANTYgraph. No listen closely I am not making fun of their name this time, that is what he said, His accent probably was the issue but in this case was right on target.


    1. The couple that couldn’t keep their hands off of each other had to be friends of Jenn because they were snapping their fingers in agreement to bus route commenters just like Jenn was. They all reminded me of the beat·niks from the late 50s early 60s. Makes you wonder just how many Maynard G Krebs lives in Bloomington now days. OOOH did anyone notice Jenn sitting there braiding her hair? Watching city council meetings for the next four years is going to be more fun than watching a barrel of monkeys. Oh wait a city council full of monkeys. My apologies to all the monkeys in the world for comparing them to Bloomington city council members.

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  3. WHAT? Tari nor Jen even acknowledge Mr Lamberts FINE informative speech on HOW an AMERICAN SHOULD ACT?? Maybe they’re NOT Americans??


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