Bloomington’s short meeting

By: Diane Benjamin The regular agenda had NOTHING on it, the Consent Agenda was passed without any discussion. Since the City doesn’t want controversy at meetings, the two on one meetings held before the Council meets are used to pacify objectors. The video of the meeting is slightly over an hour, half of that was […]

Recap of Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin 33:10 – Mayor Mwilambwe recognized the 4 aldermen that are leaving office April 30th. Mboka gave a short speech and presented each with a plaque. (Remember when Normal totally ignored Stan Nord’s 4 years?) Public comment starts at 44:00. Two speakers thanked their outgoing aldermen. Gary Lambert is a can’t miss at […]

Three things from Bloomington’s short meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin The entire meeting video is over 3 hours, most of that was spent off camera in Executive Session. 3 videos you need to see, 2 are Public Comment the third is City Manager Tim Gleason. The first Public Comment was a lady who owns rental property. She didn’t receive rent because Pritzker […]

Couple more things from Bloomington last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin Donna Boelen wanted this on the record, unless you see her Council comment at the end of the meeting it is only on the record for staff. Donna asked again about the updated Intergovernmental Agreement with Connect Transit. Supposedly Bloomington has done their work and it’s sitting in Normal stalled. She shouldn’t […]

Wrapping up Bloomington Last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin See 1:12:00 Tim Gleason tells the Council they can’t discuss the 2nd dispensary location because the city might get sued. You will never know the details of who is behind this location or hear if any ways have been found to detect drivers under the influence. Discussion was shut down by a […]

Council – Bloomington last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Every alderman managed to make it to the meeting last night! Public comment start at 6:22. Gary Lambert spoke at 9:30 about the council not releasing Executive Session minutes that are now over 10 years old.  He also mentioned his recent gas bill had municipal taxes higher than his natural gas cost. […]

Bloomington taxpayers were scammed

By:  Diane Benjamin Of course a feasibility study was done before the Coliseum was built.  It predicted Revenue of $7.1 million and expenses of $4.8 million.  Operations would easily cover the cost of building it. At last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, VenuWorks stated the arena would never lose LESS than $500,000. Any […]

Ward 3 – better representation

By:  Diane Benjamin Alderman Mboka Mwilambwe is running for re-election with 3 people challenging him.  The voters in Ward 3 need to know his voting record before deciding if he should be back on the Council May 1st. From: Mwilambwe voted for the 4% Amusement Tax: Mwilambwe voted for the .04 per gallon Gas […]

Public Comment YOU need to see

By:  Diane Benjamin The sharing of Sales Tax with Normal was not discussed at the Council meeting Monday.  Continuing talks were voted down at the meeting before – the Work Session. Two supporters, a guy from the Chamber of Commerce and another from the Economic Development Council, spoke before two citizens.  You need to hear […]