Part 1 of Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin

One Public Comment was exceptional last night. Gary Lambert speaks pretty often, always showing lots of common sense.

Gary responded to something Mayor Mboka wrote in the Pantagraph wanting the State to quite keeping more of the local tax money than they used to. Gary threw that letter back in his face because Bloomington has done the same thing to it’s residents over the last decade. Gary is absolutely correct!

Listen for yourself:

If you haven’t heard, Ward 1 Alderman Jamie Mathy resigned last night. He didn’t explain why. He had a business opportunity come his way where State Law doesn’t allow him to keep his seat. Anything to do with Smart Cities Jamie?

Jamie has long described himself as a progressive which means he never met a spending or taxing plan he didn’t like. He believes government solves problems when in reality they create them. He states all his accomplishments but doesn’t mention roads.

Hear his resignation:

The cost of all the awesomeness below is now almost 50% higher than when is was originally brought before the Council. Most of it will likely only be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (little over 3 months out of 12). In the top right corner is a skate park that can be used all year if it isn’t covered in ice and snow. The splash park might be open a little longer since staff won’t need to be present. The construction contract was approved at $13,870,320.

Some of the additional costs will be paid from General Fund reserves. In his report towards the end of the meeting, the finance director (Scott Rathbun) stated the City expects to end the year (4/30/2022) with between $30 and $32 MILLION in General Fund reserves. They could have paid the $5.8 million difference instead of financing it over 20 years. Scott also reported interest rates are higher too.

Alderman Nick Becker had the speech of the night about priorities, just hit play. Government at all levels need more Nicks.

4 thoughts on “Part 1 of Bloomington last night

  1. When government’s WANT projects go over budget more money is thrown at them. When citizens’ NEED projects go over budget other NEEDED projects are cut.

    B/N’s liberal governments spend liberally on WANTS at the expense of the NEEDS.

    I can’t believe they are spending this munch and not even making the pool indoor….3 months of usage a year, seriously???

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  2. Hilarious that Jamie Mathy seems to not know, that WE know, that his first and only priority as alderman was grifting taxpayer money to create a market for his and his wife’s small businesses in downtown Bloomington. So…progressive of him.


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