Part 2 Bloomington Last Night

By: Diane Benjamin

Alderman Sheila Montney asked about the condition of Holiday Pool during discussions last night. That pool has the reached the end of it’s life too, Parks & Rec keeps holding it together. That won’t work forever. Both pools could have easily been replaced for what Bloomington is spending on a water park. See that conversation around 1:51:00.

The most ridiculous comment came from Mollie Ward. Whatever money government spends is taken from those who may or may not ever use this new amenity. When the private sector creates construction jobs they risk their own money, not what is stolen through taxation. Using government to create jobs is simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

Mollie Ward thinks O’Neil is a great asset, she does not understand the above. Molly learned nothing from the locally built Coliseum? Is that a great asset too Molly?

Also mentioned in the discussions was the scholarship fund for neighborhood kids who can’t afford this amenity is up to $32,000. Only government would build a park that is unaffordable for the neighborhood it is built in.

All of you who use Holiday Pool: It was stated you can use O’Neil pool too instead of getting yours replaced. Hear Molly’s comment:

Nick Becker and Sheila Montney voted no on the O’Neil plans because of the cost. Donna Boelen, who originally voted against the project, only voted yes because it was approved by a prior Council and last night funded the project. She is very concerned it’s already $2,000,000 over budget and probably increasing. Mboka mentioned cost are up because of COVID. I wonder how he missed the out of control inflation plaguing everyone! (Not caused by COVID)

The PSCRB wants more power! No surprise since this group was pushed by the far left. The Public Safety Community Relations Board was founded to ONLY review how the police handled complaints. Even with vast advertising of their services, they have heard very few complaints. The speaker last night even admitted the survey they couldn’t use showed most citizens are happy with their police department.

Instead of using common sense and disbanding since their is no need for the board, even some alderman think their power should be expanded. They have already expanded themselves by holding hearings on the license plate readers and traffic stop data. Hear part of that discussion around 1:24:00.

Over a year ago the Council passed a resolution allowing two kids to this board. They still haven’t found two kids who want to join.

Issuing bonds for the library expansion passed. Nick Becker asked what would happen to any grants the library received. The City COULD hold that money for bond payments. Sheila Montney stated property taxes were on the minds of citizens when she campaigned for office. This increases property taxes. It passes unanimously anyway.

Bloomington will be getting new Ward maps. Instead of forming a commission to fight over boundaries, City attorney Jeff Jurgens plans to use GIS. He wants to have the new Wards finalized this summer since petitions for next years local election can be circulated starting in August.

I’m going to throw out a fact. Rantoul just passed a referendum to create Wards instead of electing their representatives At-Large.

This is what representation looks like in Bloomington now with Wards, note representation is spread across the City. The circles are where Aldermen currently live.

Elections for Trustees in Normal are At-Large. That not only makes it more expensive to run for office in Normal, it means much of the Town has no representation. If you live west of Linden nobody represents you. See why it took so long to fix West College?

I have the Rantoul documents if somebody wants to lead getting a referendum on Normal’s ballot.

Entire almost 3 hour meeting:

2 thoughts on “Part 2 Bloomington Last Night

  1. The epicenter of where the Normal council lives is Uppity Town. That is where the bulk of the spending and attention goes. Look no further than the condition of the roads outside of the box where the council lives.

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