Bloomington: kids can vote

By: Diane Benjamin

45:10 Jamie Mathy reported Tari Renner was absent because of emergency dental work. Mboka conducted the meeting as mayor pro-tem. Maybe Tari will recover enough to prosecute more local businesses today that dared to ignore Pritzker. They must not be the “right fit”, kneeling and losing your business is required for that.

By far the longest discussion was on:

PSCRB was also the topic of the only Public Comment. The guy who spoke is uniformed about the purpose of this board. He evidently didn’t appreciate how the police treated him and he wanted them to fix it. He needs to read the City Code Chapter 35 Section 79.

This board was created to make sure proper policies were followed by the police, not to overrule the actions of the police. Excerpt:

Nothing herein shall entitle the PSCRB to compel any testimony or conduct a formal re-investigation. Rather, the PSCRB shall review the complaint and help ensure the Police Chief and/or Police Department followed proper protocols. The PSCRB may recommend certain policy changes based on the review to either the Police Chief or City Manager.

Hear him at 9:10.

Thanks to Jenn Carrillo 2 youths will be added to the Board with the power to vote. These kids could be 16 or 17 without the power to vote in elections, but on this Board they can.

Note: If the socialists win all the seats on the City Council they are running for 16 years olds will be able to vote in local elections. Next illegals will also be able to vote, after all they live here. (California playbook)

Actually they don’t need to win all the seats they are running for, 7 of the 9 members agreed to make them voting members. Only Kim Bray and Donna Boelen voted no. Think back to when you were a kid, at what age did adulthood and making better decisions kick in? I bet it was way past your teens or even early 20’s.

Nobody pulled extending Tim Gleason’s contract. It got extended to 2025 with no discussion. The actual meeting was less than an hour. An Executive Session was held after which is why the video appears longer.

6 thoughts on “Bloomington: kids can vote

  1. When “communists” and “kids” are mentioned in the same sentence…the alarm bells should be going off at a deafening tone. No doubt Jenn originally set the floor on the age at 12 (communists like them young — the younger the better) but she was wily enough to know that that probably wouldn’t fly even among the most stupid.
    I note that while Council members Bray and Boelen voted “no,” they utterly failed to correct (or purposefully ignored) the gross misstatements about “16-year-olds having the right to join the military, vote, and own firearms.” But that should be expected from spineless jellyfish of moderate intelligence and zero courage. They were steamrolled easily, and the other council members are either imbeciles or conspirators in whatever nefarious purpose this scheme serves.
    Sad to say, but this community is going to have to suffer a LOT of pain in order to wake up. Hope it can survive it.

    1. Sometimes it’s not worth it to comment on stupidity. Unfortunately, Mathy is running unopposed and the who thing was staged and planned.

  2. I am torn on this kids on the review board thing. It could be a good experience for them. I say could because I don’t think they will see or hear what they expect. Also, 2? So one kid from the East side of town and one from the West? Is that how we do it? Should they vote? NO! Also when was someone who is 21 still considered a “youth?” If you want youth, get 16, 17, even an 18 year old on there. They should know the basics of government, committees, etc. But 21? That seems a bit old. If done properly, it could be a good thing. Knowing who is on this board, it will be a complete and utter failure.

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