Local hypocrisy

By: Diane Benjamin

WGLT and the League of Women Voters are teaming up for mayoral debates: https://lwvmclean.org/about-us

Board of Directors for the League of Women Voters:

Remember these names if you read the Letters to the Editor in the Pantagraph.

h/t a reader: https://www.pantagraph.com/opinion/letters/letter-incumbents-will-keep-future-strong/article_9ed48258-dbbf-58fa-ac54-2fa91d8f1cc8.html

Laurie Bergner, Community Education Chair for the League, wrote to extoll the greatness of Chris Koos, Chemberly Cummings, Kevin McCarthy, and Koos’ picks: Brad McMillan and AJ Zimmerman.

We already know WGLT leans left. Obviously the League of Women Voters does too. I wonder if they still want a County Election Commission after seeing the one in Bloomington can’t do elections without problems and can’t be held accountable either?

Of course the left would be outraged if any right leaning groups conducted a debate. The above might even refuse to participate.

I do appreciate Bergner revealing the Koos connections. If you like ever increasing taxes and fees, debt, and being talked down to because your expect better – Bergner gave a list of who to vote for.

I wonder if Laurie likes that empty first floor at 1 Uptown Circle and the excessive rent for the second floor? Does she like all the insider deals? Potholes? Water run to nowhere in HOPE of economic development while rusty water is common where water mains need replaced?

Laurie? Laurie?

Hint: Anyone who talks about “progress” has an agenda – their agenda. They will take more of your money to accomplish it. Utopia is only another $100,000,000 away.






8 thoughts on “Local hypocrisy

  1. Is a right wing group going to hold a debate? Doesn’t look like it. BTW, your link leads to your WordPress sign in page. You have agenda which isn’t hard to figure out. Complain that climate change is a hoax despite scientific consensus that’s it very real. Complain about Rivian presence in Normal, since you clearly don’t understand technology. Complain about green technology that you also don’t understand. Complain and bitch about progress and change in two towns that you don’t live in. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

  2. Kingdimwitt: YEAH, climate change IS REAL! Why that’s been happening ever since Gondwanaland broke up and “things” started moving around. Never mind the occasional asteroid impact or possibly a nuclear winter if people like YOU start running things. And tell me about “green technology” and how DEVELOPED it is?? Is that WHY Government funds most of it, so folk like you can expound on it ??

  3. Right wing groups should discuss/debate online through middle of the road websites like this one. Because 98% of the lame stream media is owned by idealogical right wingers that will not let any critical analysis of their thinking be considered so the useful idiots such as KINGDIMWIT will just follow the yellow brick road. It’s not on the “news” so it must be conspiracy. That said, middle of the road cannot be understood by the left as anything that is not in total agreement with their views is considered extreme. Therefore middle doesn’t exist in their minds.

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