To Lawler facts are immaterial + Ward 3

By: Diane Benjamin

Two guys are running for alderman in Ward 5: Patrick Lawler and Nick Becker.

Lawler is running with the local socialists and sides with the two already on the Council:

As all Progressives, do Lawler now wants to “move Bloomington forward”, in other words twist and bend existing norms to fit his agenda.

Lawler tweeted last night about adding kids to the PSCRB – Public Safety Police Review Board.

Left wing ideas don’t materialize by chance. This board was created to be changed in the future because it doesn’t have the power the cheerleaders who created want it to have. Lawler makes it clear what he wants:

Lawler’s third tweet proves he has no idea why the Board was created or what rules it exists under. See the original documentation starting on PDF page 120:

Read Lawler’s 3rd tweet again. He wants civilians making decisions instead of the professional police. The contract between the police and the City forbids what he wants. Will he try to get the police defunded too? Complaints don’t have to heard by the police first? He wants civilians (including kids now) making decisions they are not trained to make?

I hope Patrick Lawyer is more informed when teaching your kids. He obviously didn’t bother to read why the Board was created before tweeting. Of course, he considers himself a progressive where issues must constantly change even if the original intent is destroyed in the process. That is also why a previous City Council should never have formed the Board. It will be under constant attack from the left until they get what they want. I guarantee it won’t be what “back the blue” citizens want.

Ward 5: Vote for Nick Becker instead!

Since most people won’t know an election is going on or anything about the candidates, Ward 5 could easily fall to this nonsense. Ward 5 residents should share this with their neighbors and friends since the media won’t be saying much.

Turnout is the only way to prevent Lawler from being seated as your representative.

Ward 3: You have the same problem

The kids didn’t ask for voting rights, it was Carrillo’s idea.

Vote for Sheila Montney instead.

5 thoughts on “To Lawler facts are immaterial + Ward 3

  1. This is out of the same play book as what the Dems want to do with the Supreme Court. If they cannot enough of the current members to drink their kool-aide, then increase the number of members until they reach the majority.

    Children are not allowed to sign contracts, but they can do this? Children are also more impressionable and susceptible to peer pressure. It is dangerous for these children to be put into a position where they may have some nasty anti-police people harassing them to vote a particular way on police matters. Bloomington, get ready for a lawsuit at some point.

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  2. I believe you have to be 21 years of age to become a police officer. There is a reason for that. As a society we hope by 21 you have achieved some life experience, and are somewhat prepared for the debauchery that will come your way. It seems very ridiculous to me, that someone as young as 16, would have a vote on a board overseeing the Bloomington Police Department. I am all for including and educating youth – it is how they learn. The Civilian Review Board is not the place for that. I’m sure people like Patrick Lawler would be more than happy to have a sixteen (16) year old on the school board helping to decide his curriculum…..but oh wait… have to be 18 years of age to be on a school board in the State of Illinois. Once again….you can’t get much more ridiculous than the road we are on.

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    1. Stop calling the PSCRB a police/civilian review board. The name is, Public Safety & Community Relations Board. Jenn, Lawler, want everyone to believe otherwise.

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