Readers: Remember this classic?

By: Diane Benjamin Remind you of democrat controlled cities all last summer? Original story: Didn’t Jenn get fired from the YWCA for this post she hurriedly removed from her page? What will Jenn do when all her people running for the Bloomington Council lose? Don’t forget she’s their campaign manager:: Law enforcement: You now […]

Think this a threat?

By: Diane Benjamin Tweet from Ward 5 socialist candidate Patrick Lawler: Going to go to their homes Patrick? That is what the radical left does – it’s called intimidation! Poor Lawler only got 5 likes to his tweet, here’s who “liked” it, the first two are also candidates: Communists and socialists Don’t forget Lawler is […]

Opportunist Straza

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 5 is now left with one far left candidate for alderman. Mike Straza is dumping his alderman campaign to run for mayor. Straza was the Treasurer for Responsible Cities PAC – the PAC the so responsible Normal Mayor Chris Koos helped form. Responsible? More like attempting to hide Irresponsibility! The […]

More on “Councils Don’t Listen”

By:  Diane Benjamin See this story from yesterday:  Why City Councils Don’t Listen After writing more than 4000 stories, I had forgotten I wrote about the Julie Crowe case when she won the lawsuit:  Julie Crowe Defeats the City of Bloomington That story contains a link to the original Council vote denying her the Vehicle-For-Hire […]

Joni Painter record (Ward 5)

By:  Diane Benjamin Besides getting the speed limit on Hershey lowered: Joni was originally appointed by Tari Renner to fill Jennifer McDade’s term after she resigned Joni called me a liar: Joni wanted to charge me for FOIA requests: Joni deceived voters the last time she ran: Joni is a Democrat who […]

Painter: Intent to Deceive?

By:  Diane Benjamin A Ward 5 resident sent me Joni Painters campaign materials.  I’m going to separate her talking points from reality. Joni wants to “address our crumbling roads and deteriorating water and sewer systems”?  Ask her why the only money budgeted for 2016 comes from the Motor Fuel Tax passed last year – by […]

Fly on the Wall: Renner’s transparency test

About appointing a Council member to replace Jennifer McDade: Stockton polled the Council for their choice and never informed the members of what the others thought. Has Renner already made up his mind?  I hear at least 3 people are interested.  Who will get a fair shot at the seat? How transparent will Mayor Transparency […]