Think this a threat?

By: Diane Benjamin

Tweet from Ward 5 socialist candidate Patrick Lawler:

Going to go to their homes Patrick? That is what the radical left does – it’s called intimidation!

Poor Lawler only got 5 likes to his tweet, here’s who “liked” it, the first two are also candidates:

Communists and socialists Don’t forget Lawler is teaching high school kids. Make sure your kids aren’t one of them.





11 thoughts on “Think this a threat?

  1. Ha! They actually think their stance on a Welcoming ordnance is a political/voter net positive. Apparently, there are no other issues to run on and/or concerns among the citizenry. Just how out of touch are these candidates?

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  2. What do you want to bet that this clown was a teacher of…GAVIN CUNNINGHAM. You know…the 18- or 19-year old Koos “ward.”


  3. Biden just opened the doors to allow immigrants to become citizens. No need for Welcoming cities as I see it unless there illegals who running under the radar.


  4. Gotta love ZACH’s comments, wonder IF he’s a card carrying of I.W.W. local #690? (look it up-you’ll be surprised) That MIGHT explain a LOT. Careful what you claim there youngster. I doubt if the kid even knows who Frank Little, Louis Tikas, Mary Jones or even Moyer or Haywood even were.. These youngsters spew more rhetoric then Mt St Helens does ash. Probably learn it from people like Matejka.


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