Think this a threat?

By: Diane Benjamin Tweet from Ward 5 socialist candidate Patrick Lawler: Going to go to their homes Patrick? That is what the radical left does – it’s called intimidation! Poor Lawler only got 5 likes to his tweet, here’s who “liked” it, the first two are also candidates: Communists and socialists Don’t forget Lawler is […]


By:  Diane Benjamin Although optional for some unknown reason, this statement is usually submitted with candidate petitions: See the candidate filings here for Bloomington: Two candidates did not sign this form! Does that mean they aren’t citizens? Or, does that mean they ARE associated with the communist party? Or, does that mean they will […]

Communists invaded the Pantagraph!

By:  Diane Benjamin Quote from today’s editorial: There must be a consensus to step forward as a group to support ideas or processes that are in the best interest of the county as a whole. I didn’t need to attend the joint Council + County meeting this week to know what was said.  I […]

Communist Party Will Work With Democrats (and “Moderate Republicans”) to Give GOP a “Licking” in 2014

Sam Webb, Chair of the Communist Party USA wants to give the GOP a “Licking” in 2014 and its going to work even more closely with the Democrats to do it. In his latest message to the Party faithful: “Ingredients for a movement that can transform our country,” Webb outlined Communist Party objectives for the near future. […]

Dick Durbin and the Communists

REBEL PUNDIT: DURBIN DEFENDS PARTICIPATING IN CHICAGO MAY DAY EVENT (VIDEO) CHICAGO – At Wednesday’s annual May Day rally in downtown Chicago, Rebel Pundit was on hand to ask U.S. Senator Dick Durbin why he had no problem identifying with the radical factions that participated in the parade for amnesty, Marxism and anarchy. Durbin was […]