By:  Diane Benjamin

Although optional for some unknown reason, this statement is usually submitted with candidate petitions:

loyaltySee the candidate filings here for Bloomington:

Two candidates did not sign this form!

Does that mean they aren’t citizens?

Or, does that mean they ARE associated with the communist party?

Or, does that mean they will try to overthrow the government of the United Sates or change it by unlawful means?

Figured out who didn’t sign yet?

If you were a candidate for office because your highest priority was to serve the citizens, why would you not sign?

Figure out who yet?

 Tari Renner and Scott Black – well know members of the Democratic Party.

Why do they Pledge Allegiance to the Flag at every Council meeting?


If the form is meaningless, why is it in the candidate packet?


4 thoughts on “Communists?

  1. Oaths to these two aren’t upheld anyway. Think NIOT for both of them. Renner the abuser and Black the enabler. They do seem to support the socialist communist ideology though.


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