See if you support BLM after reading this:

By:  Diane Benjamin

blmatter progressives

Who are Progressive Voices of Central Il?

From their Facebook page:

cent il progressives

If you don’t want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with an authoritarian government – you are not welcome in this group.  

Still support Black Lives Matter?

(VBNMW means Vote Blue No Matter What)

8 thoughts on “See if you support BLM after reading this:

  1. Wonder if they have a permit to rally on government (taxpayer-supported) property…oh, they don’t care because they want to overthrow the government and create anarchy.

  2. This sounds more “racist” then even I can IMAGINE!
    What about purple skinned aliens from alpha centauri who are orphaned? Can they show up??
    Think I’ll go watch the comet..

  3. I keep wondering what these people want to do with my daughter, who is half black and half white. Does only half of her life matter? Does the black half matter more than the white half? Does her white half owe reparations to her black half? Should her black half even matter, since she’s never had any relationship with anyone on her black side because her father took off and left her when she was 6 months old?

    Also, Zacc, in case you missed it……..

    Secoriea Turner – killed by black men
    Mekhi James – killed by black men
    Jace Young – killed by black men
    Natalia Wallace – killed by black men
    Royta Giles – killed by black teenagers
    Davon McNeal – killed by black men
    Vernado Jones Jr. – killed by black men
    Davell Gardner Jr. – killed by black men

    Children, bro. It’s a sad day when a complete stranger cares more about children dying than the people “protesting” and rioting over the “melinated” skin that those children have. (Nick Cannon’s word, not mine.) Children that YOUR ideology dismisses because they don’t fit your narrative. Children that should be remembered long before a criminal like George Floyd, or Rayshard Brooks. BLM can never be taken seriously as a social movement because of its obvious hypocrisy, cherry picking of facts, and racism.
    Black Lives Matter, indeed.

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