Normal for Monday 7-20

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the Agenda:

Public Works got pretty close estimating this project:

Oak Street Water Main Replacement Project bid: 

Total Cost of $545,600, Plus up to a Potential $15,000 Bonus for Early

$590,000 was budgeted.

Then they are way off on this one:

2020 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising Contract in the Amount of $411,664.40

Funding in the amount of $629,000.00 is included in line item 508-7520-432.66-60 of the Sanitary Sewer Capital Investment Fund. Funding in the amount of $50,000 is included in line item 510-7720-431.66-60 of the Storm Water Fund for a Total of
$679,000.00 available for this contract. A budget savings of $267,335.60 will be realized if approved.

Estimated cost was $679,000, actual cost $411,664.  Keep in mind the rates you pay are set by what Normal thinks the costs will be.  Don’t expect a refund or a decrease in rates.

Huhn report

Payments that can’t be discussed:

redistrib of wealth

The property Dan Brady rents for $1 a year, Rodney Davis uses it too:


Keep in mind audits don’t look for fraud:

2020 audit

audit 2020 2

audit 2020 3

audit 2020 4

Total paid:  $33,136  The total was split between Finance, Library, Sewer, and Water funds

PDF page 101 recaps adjustments made because of the audit.







3 thoughts on “Normal for Monday 7-20

  1. Is this agenda complete as I see zero time allowed to take Nord to task for the video at the VA Hospital?


  2. I hope Stan Nord pulls “motion for approval” the $77,000 plus payment to Disconnect Transit. I’m sure a total humiliation and berating of him is on the unofficial Koos agenda. I’d suggest Stan come with his guns loaded and aim first.

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  3. There is a million dollar surplus rolling over from last year and they over budgeted another project by almost 50%. This is like the 5th project way over budgeted so far this year. I bet they have intentionally over budgeted projects to be able to say they have a huge surplus at the end of the year. Then they will use that surplus to fund the underpass.

    They just raised property taxes, water and garbage fees because the professional staff predicted they were going to be short. I don’t trust Koos and Co. They see this as the final push for their Uptown disaster. This is the least transparent and most deceptive community I have ever lived in.

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