UPDATE #2: Looks like a revolt at ISU – an illegal revolt!

Kalter was defeated, those in attendance rejected her agenda, at least that’s what I hear!


An email I received from Academic Senate Chair Susan Kalter:

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The Dr of (I believe) English is WRONG.  She called the meeting, therefore it is subject to the Open Meetings Act.  This is no different than Koos inviting 2 council members to his house for a “chat”.  ISU could shut off electricity to the room holding this virtual meeting or maybe send in the ISU police to stop it.  If you do attend, you have a duty to stop Kalter from holding an illegal meeting.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Have you ever heard of the Academic Senate?  I’m an ISU grad and never heard of it.  See how they describe themselves here:  https://academicsenate.illinoisstate.edu/


The Academic Senate is the primary governing body at Illinois State University and provides for faculty and student participation in academic governance. The Academic Senate is the primary body to recommend educational policy of the University and to advise the President on its implementation.

It also serves as a method of transparent governance that permits access to the process of the Academic Senate. 

Not so transparent, the chairperson Susan Kalter is controlling who can listen to this meeting.  She rejected my request within 5 minutes.

The Academic Senate also isn’t the primary governing body.  Just like government there are 3 branches:  Administration, Board of Trustees, and the Academic Senate.

From the link above, click on Documents.  A tentative agenda is posted.  It isn’t written like an agenda, it looks more like the opinions of the chair:  TENTATIVE All faculty meeting agenda

Included is also link to a letter addressed to ISU President Dietz.  It is signed by 521 teachers, staff, students, and somehow parents.  Many are anonymous and therefore should be ignored.   Opinions people aren’t willing to put their name on, regardless of the consequences, mean zero.  Stand and be counted or shut up.

This is the letter:    Planning for Health, Safety, and Equity at ISU


isu sen 1isu cen 2

It looks to me like Dr. Susan Kalter doesn’t want to have students on campus, maybe she likes hanging out at home in her PJ’s all day.  She must not realize college is much more than sitting in a class.  Parents aren’t going to pay the ISU tuition so kids can sit on a computer in their home.  If students aren’t back on campus this fall there is little reason for ISU to exist, on-line classes are available in lots of places and for less money.  Of course the Town of Normal will be devastated along with ISU.

Kalter claims the press is not allowed at this meeting.  I wonder of WGLT will be there?  I wouldn’t be surprised if a no confidence vote is taken against Dietz.  Somebody who attends will have to let us know.




15 thoughts on “UPDATE #2: Looks like a revolt at ISU – an illegal revolt!

  1. Without students coming to spend their money locally, the town should end or at least reign in the local taxpayer subsidies. Including free rent of town buildings, town paid mowing, town paid building maintenance, cash donations, and cash sponsorships to name a few.

    The additional subsidizing of ISU well beyond what we do through our state taxes should not continue to be the penalty for living in Normal.

  2. It is great to see the left eating-their-own and accelerating the disruption and ultimate demise of ISU. It’s time for the higher education fools and charlatans to get real jobs and stop robbing students and their families of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

    The entire business model of higher education needs to be replaced by affordable education that truly prepares students to succeed in a 21st Century economy.

    So good job Dr. Susan Kalter! Keep those students at home. One more semester and they will never be back.

    Dear Mayor Koos and Posse: How is that 100 million dollar ISU downtown Normal ISU marketing investment going?

    Not looking so great, right?

      1. All right, only 88 million left to pay then?

        A town that had zero debt when fool Koos started still owes 88 million on a 100 million dollar bet that EVERYTHING will stay the same in higher education for the foreseeable future?

        It is really amazing to me that anyone (considering the availability of information) would be dumb enough and short-sighted enough to think that dropping 100 million dollars into downtown Normal was a good idea. The sad thing is that Koos and his Posse still think it was a good idea and still want to start Uptown 2.0?

        These folks are insane and they need to be voted OUT of office.

  3. The Academic Senate has been around a long time more than 50 years for sure. It has been more left wing for quite sometime. Since more faculty lean left they dominate.

    I believe they have been mostly advisory in the past, but like other movements they want to assume control. It sound like this PHD leading the Senate has ideas similar to the far left of the Democratic Party. Of course, they only are correct in their thinking.

    The Senate alone can not get rid of the administrators, they can only recommend to the faculty that they vote “no confidence” , at least past history has shown, Dr. Tom Wallace received that vote of no confidence and he finally was removed, but the buy outs are extreme, like the one paid in the more recent past.

    It is interesting that the current educators have opposed home schooling, and yet that is what is happening and these educators seem to enjoy not meeting with the students in person. The problem is that it will open up the possibility of required “home schooling” under ridged control of State and Federal Departments of Indoctrination.

  4. Susan is evil and an all around horrible person. Wish I still had some of her emails. But then again the entire English Department is a left winged indoctrination camp.

  5. Didn’t like the ENGLISH (which by the way is ILLEGAL to speak in NORMAL- you MUST speak AMERICAN-good ole blue laws!) Dept. When I went to ISU, as most of the profs were pretty “uppity”
    As for NOT having students in class. HEY! I’m ALL for it! The streets are bad enough in uppitytown without the students driving on them also. I say let’s CLOSE BOTH ISU AND IWU, and let these people find jobs in the REAL WORLD, and let TAri run without the “student vote” I see this as a “social distancing” from sheer stupidity!
    Maybe SANITY will win out with the HELP of STUPIDITY!

  6. I’m on the meeting right now. It’s an absolute sh$t show. 🙂 You’re not missing anything, other than the complete ineptitude of faculty at ISU to agree on anything or navigate a Zoom meeting.

  7. Hahahahahaha!!

    Dear faculty,

    Prior to our all-faculty meeting last Thursday, having consulted with University Counsel, I was under the understanding that an all-faculty meeting at ISU was not a meeting under the Open Meetings Act. On Sunday at 4:14 p.m., we received a notice from the State’s Attorney Don Knapp that he would deem any meeting where a majority of a quorum of our campus’s Senators is present and where public business is being discussed to constitute an Open Meeting. University Counsel has advised that all university business could potentially be deemed “public business,” even if it had never appeared on a Senate agenda or the agendas of any of its internal or external committees.

    Therefore, we are postponing this evening’s meeting to receive further feedback, as the above leaves the faculty with two unsatisfactory choices: to restrict some or all Senators from attending the meeting or to deem all-faculty meetings to be Open Meetings where posting of agendas 48 hours in advance, public attendance, and opportunity for public comment occur.

    If you have feedback regarding these two choices, please email me ([email protected]).

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