Susan Kalter: Explain your meeting to the Attorney General

By:  Diane Benjamin

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Today I was notified by the Public Access office of the Attorney General they are going to investigate whether the first faculty meeting violated the Open Meetings Act.


kalter ag 1kalter ag 2

See the entire document I received:  63926 FI Letter

When Kalter or ISU responds the Attorney General’s office they will send me a copy.  I may need some help from readers who attended the meeting in case I need to dispute their claims.

Hopefully Kalter just pleads guilty.

4 thoughts on “Susan Kalter: Explain your meeting to the Attorney General

  1. Poor Susan. It seems her grassroots movement and feelings ran into the realities of state law. She probably sees herself as a victim preyed upon by the ruling class of elites that are trying to keep the worker down. When in reality, executive leadership made a decision without asking for permission from her and the employees she’s trying to whip up into a frenzy. While leading this meeting, I’d imagine she sees herself as a modern-day SJW leading the good fight and standing up for a good cause. Oh please! So far, Dietz hasn’t caved to the mob’s demands. Smart move. Once you apologize or backtrack, they double down the attacks. If you stand up to the mob, they usually go away. Also, if Dietz does bring them into the discussion, he’s going to have a three-alarm fiasco on his hands and lose control of the situation.

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