ISU: Did Susan Kalter lie?

By: Diane Benjamin

It takes FOREVER to receive FOIA’s, so now you have to think back. Susan Kalter is the chair of the Academic Senate at ISU. She wanted to hold a faculty meeting that wasn’t open to the media and didn’t comply with the Open Meetings Act. See all previous stories here:

In this email Kalter claimed to have consulted with University Counsel:

On August 31st I filed a FOIA Request for all communication in any form between University Counsel and Susan Kalter pertaining to the Open Meetings Act.

Since lawyers are not likely to provide verbal opinions about the law, if Susan had “consulted” something should be in writing.

I received nothing proving the statement made by Kalter is true.

Larry Dietz did send this email in August, long past the illegal meeting. I did not receive whatever he attached:

I also received this rambling email by Kalter lamenting how laws get in the way:

How can the ISU Academic Senate have any credibility with Kalter as chair if she can’t prove she “consulted” and she thinks the OMA gets in the way?

8 thoughts on “ISU: Did Susan Kalter lie?

  1. The email will likely be labeled confidential and privileged since it involved legal counsel. Ms. Kalter seems to be taking her ball and going home, but not without a small written tantrum first. Sound as though she likes and appreciates the Open Meetings Act unless it stands in her way. Unreal. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s nice to see that the Administration hasn’t been directly overthrown by activist faculty nutjobs…at least not directly. Wish “LD” had stood up to the woke mob.

  2. Many on campus would love nothing more than t see her no longer the chair of Academic Senate. There are no term limits on it, and no one will step up and challenge her. All it would take is one faculty member willing to challenge her. That’s it. Just one. Ugh.

  3. Kalter is “investigating other ways for faculty to make their views known.” Sounds like she’s protecting the communists.

  4. It saddens me that Al Bowman was “encouraged” to retire. It troubles me that the person they chose to be president of ISU was set up, paid off, and moved out, to make way for Progressive Marxist Democrat Dietz/friend of Koos. I hope all Alumni refuse to give any more money to ISU, and tell them their Marxist path forward is unacceptable. Imagine ousting a black University President, in favor of a white one, and them say you support BLM🤷‍♀️

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