Jenn is my Poster Child!

By: Diane Benjamin

I remember years ago when I mentioned “limited government” some people didn’t understand what that means. Politicians are constantly claiming they will save us from whatever and they actually make the whatever worse. Just this week Minneapolis citizens and their leadership are wondering why the police don’t show up when called. Other than they were de-funded, I can’t imagine why.

Obviously reading her talking points, Jenn Carrillo babbled for 25 minutes about immigration history in a video she posted yesterday. Below is just the first 3 minutes of can’t miss entertainment. Her family didn’t sneak across the border for a better life like most immigrants, she never says why they broke the law. It obviously wasn’t from freedom and opportunity not provided in Mexico. This morning she posted another video implying illegal immigrants are treated like slaves. Evidently America kidnapped them and forced them to work here. She proves why Trump’s border wall is the solution. Send them all to California Jenn. Reclaim Mexico but the money paid to Mexico after the Mexican War needs to be returned, with interest. (Yesterday she claimed we stole the land)

After this intro Jenn recounts numerous points in history pertaining to immigration. She leaves out a lot of what really happened, she is adept at: Repeat a lie often enough and some people will believe it. One of my favorites is the Dred Scott case. Jenn must not know this Supreme Court case led to the civil war, she would rather believe America has always hated anybody who isn’t white. Meanwhile hundred of thousands of white people died to free the slaves when the democrats refused to release them. Yes, democrats Jenn.

Everything Carrillo mentions has one thing in common. People. People make bad decisions, some are worse than others. Politicians make bad decisions all the time, think Coliseum then expand that to national decisions. It’s ridiculous that 9 judges who are supposed to interpret the Constitution use the Supreme Court to make laws. They make bad decisions frequently, the latest was casinos in Nevada can be open but churches can’t.

Limited government means restricting power to only things people can’t do for themselves. Everything else must be our decision. Government should be immaterial to how we live everyday.

Of course, that isn’t Jenn. She wants to de-fund the police and make them enforce mandatory masks too. She is the perfect example of how all the historical events she mentioned happened. People with limited moral values can’t stop themselves from “ruling” instead of “governing”. She fails to understand We the People constantly strive for a “more perfect union”. Try reading what you pledged to support and defend and Jenn.

Thanks for recording this for all to see Jenn. Keep talking. Run for mayor! It would be glorious fun. Watching you violate your oath of office is waking up the citizens. For far too long they thought local politicians weren’t the problem and therefore they never bothered to vote. You are the result. Thanks so much Jenn.

The entire video is on Jenn’s City Facebook page. The video of her claiming there is nothing special about citizenship is also on that page. Great entertainment and proof of why the rest of the Council should laugh along with us at anything she suggests. She deserves to be marginalized. Next April will any candidates worthy of your vote decide to run? Does anybody still understand government is the problem not the solution?

Besides violating her oath of office, Jenn is violating the naturalization oath she supposedly took to be a citizen:

Just more proof Jenn needs to be marginalized. People in her Ward should demand it from the City and the rest of the Council.

In the future, don’t vote for candidates who want to run your life. If they say “progress” that’s their intent. They think they are so much smarter than you.

22 thoughts on “Jenn is my Poster Child!

  1. Jenn is a typical lazy, loser, communist colonizer. She read some marxist/La Raza propaganda drivel, hung out with her fellow loser lazy marxist/La Raza friends, and now she’s an expert. She’s also an attorney because she states that U.S. law is “immaterial” to her. Has she ever tried to start a business, or get a job with her psychology degree? No, because that would require some work. It’s easier to sit and complain about how unfair the “system” is for her and her lazy friends. She’s got a latin last name and she’s gay, so my suggestion is that she move up the road to Chicago and meet with fellow lesbian communist Lori Lightfoot about affirmative actioning herself into a Chicago city job. One thing Jenn hasn’t learned yet is that it’s who you know. And she should get her own pathetic life together before trying to run ours.

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  2. I’m going to do Jenn Carrillo a favor this morning, and give her a creative, productive and lucrative idea. With her mission to defund the police — and with her purported expertise in psychology and law — why doesn’t she volunteer to be one of the “de-escalation” health care professionals who responds to the calls of domestic violence, rape, assault, etc. in BLN that would normally be handled by police? If she’s successful, then she could start charging the city for her services. See, Jenn? That’s how CAPITALISM works.

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  3. Remember when we looked at Bloomington City Council members like Jennifer McDade and Diana Hauman as being the far left? Scott Black? They look conservative next to this nut job.

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  4. I watched her talk for 3 minutes and 1 second and in that time she actually conveyed nothing of any value, nothing, not one thing. I’ll bet she can keep that up for an hour or more too.

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  5. Can anyone name the last time a sane person ran for office in Bloomington? Jeremy Kelly, maybe? Sadly, only people with an agenda and/or way to much time on their hands (usually no school-aged children) run for office. Rational, real people don’t run, either because they don’t have the time or because they don’t want to be attacked by the nutjobs (hello, Sonny) and local media. So sad.


  6. I am for small government and believe communities can regulate themselves in the absence of the state. Yes…I beleive in the anarcism Jenn Carillo is proposing. We can do this without toeing the Pritzger line.


  7. Explaining anything to Jenn is most likely a waste of time as she already knows everything. Just ask her. Bring a blunt to the conversation or you’re not her sister/brother/whatever and will therefore most likely be cast aside.


  8. Wow Jennifer Carrillo is living rent free in all your heads. What number is this post about Council member Carrillo? Seems the blogger has an unhealthy obsession with one Bloomington Council member.


  9. And here we see a local white knight swooping in to defend the fair maiden Jenn’s honor in her stead. Maybe it’s just fun to mock her absolute denial of reality. Maybe the point of the blog is to highlight ineptitude and corruption in local government. And whether you want to white knight for her or not, she has ineptitude in spades. Not to mention she’s just plain wrong on so many things. Besides, why do you care? And also, why is it any of your concern? Seems the commenter has an unhealthy obsession with white knighting for one Bloomington council member.


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