Update: Is remote learning racist?

Don’t miss Part 2:  https://blnnews.com/2020/07/29/part-2-is-remote-learning-racist/

If you believe most low income people belong to minority groups, then how can remote learning not be racist?  These are the kids being hurt the most!


Remote schooling leads to a ‘shocking’ disparity between rich and poor students


low a

low graph

While many school-aged children were disadvantaged and lacked the connectivity to complete their homework online before the pandemic, that homework gap is now turning into an education gap.

The same principle applies to colleges.  If the ISU faculty doesn’t want to go back to in person classes, they should know this:  https://www.cnbc.com/93% of College Students Say Tuition Should Be Cut For Online Classes


6 thoughts on “Update: Is remote learning racist?

  1. Local internet company in Normal is offering full internet for $10.00 per month. I am sure that 3-4 parents could go together and purchase this plan and for 3-4 dollars per month share that program. Or if you go anywhere near UPTOWN normal there is free internet…there are many choices and options out there. If I was a parent I would be finding away to get it done. This is not racist this is a pandemic that we all need to work through for the sake of our families and this country.


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