Tax until nobody is left to tax

By: Diane Benjamin If you thought Unit 5 was bad, wait for the City of Bloomington! They are projecting ending the year with $51 million in reserves. Inflation has been devastating to citizens, credit card debt is record high. Government is fine, you aren’t. If Tim Gleason didn’t have the votes for this it wouldn’t […]

Truths we used to know, hook up the Uhaul

By: Diane Benjamin In case you missed this story in the media: Clever Real Estate teamed up with moving company Allied Van Lines and found that Illinois has had more outbound moves than any other state in the past six months. Why would people continue to flee Illinois? The Bloomington City Council is encouraging out-migration. 5 of […]

Affordable housing myths

By: Diane Benjamin Read this WGLT story: Local housing is a problem that the free market will self-correct. Interference in the process is why housing is unaffordable. One thing is certain: Additional housing can’t be created next month. It takes time and creating a Community Land Trust isn’t going to fix anything quickly. They […]

Normal: You dodged a revealing bullet

By: Diane Benjamin Rachael Lund spent a lot of time collecting signatures to run for Normal Town Council. Then she withdrew because she is leaving the area. She saved me the trouble of posting stories like this one again: Lund is obviously far left. Not many signatures are needed to run for Bloomington Council. […]

Koos and crew not having fun tonight

By: Diane Benjamin I suggest any readers click this link to watch the meeting now: One speaker broke the rules. He told the Town he wanted to talk about chemical purchases and then went on a rant about Jelani Day’s memorial picture being taken down. This is what the Council is looking at right […]

When DSA supports you, you are on the wrong side of history Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when the local Democratic Socialists showed up at the June Unit 5 School Board meeting? With bullhorn in hand they obstructed people wanting to enter the building: Socialists are anti-American. They believe government makes better decisions than you do and therefore have the right to seize private property, mandate vaccines, […]

Is Lawler a chicken or just uninformed?

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 5 candidate Patrick Lawler was supposed to participate in a debate tonight. Instead he posted this: Let’s deconstruct! Patrick isn’t interested in listening to Republicans. “Regardless of what party” is a load of crap or he would be there tonight. Patrick obviously only gets news that lied about the former President. […]

UPDATE: “Labor” Picks Socialists for Bloomington

See who was endorsed in the last local election: Hint: Jenn Carrillo, Jeff Crabill, Kathleen Lorenz, RC McBride, . . . . By: Diane Benjamin The picks below were made by Bloomington-Normal Trades and Labor. Some of their picks make ALL of their candidates suspect: To that end we ask our members and the […]

Another group who already knows who they will endorse:

By: Diane Benjamin Since the Carrillo and Crabill socialists are running their own candidates, this group knows which socialists they are going to endorse. They expect other candidates to fill out their questionnaire so the answers can be used against them. Note, they are targeting Bloomington. All the socialists need to completely run Bloomington is […]

Hilarious stuff: Local elections

By: Diane Benjamin This was posted on Facebook by a Jenn Carrillo buddy: DB is evidently me. When Straza was running in Ward 5 against socialist Lawler of course I would pick Straza. But Straza decided to reach for the moon without having any experience in Bloomington government that I know of. I don’t remember […]

BEC outshines the Town of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin The last day to file for the Bloomington or Normal councils was yesterday. There is still time to file for school boards. The Bloomington Election Commission was lightning fast posting the petitions of of those running for office: Petitions for Normal were filed with the Town Clerk. Evidently they are SECRET […]

See if you support BLM after reading this:

By:  Diane Benjamin Who are Progressive Voices of Central Il? From their Facebook page: If you don’t want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with an authoritarian government – you are not welcome in this group.   Still support Black Lives Matter? (VBNMW means Vote Blue No Matter What)

The Illinois People’s Action Hypocrites

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois People’s Action website only shows two staff – Don Carlson and Dawn Dannenbring: They are married to each other. IPA members are not afraid to call themselves Democratic Socialists.  Socialism has never worked anywhere, here is the proof it doesn’t even work for the locals: That is a screen […]

What the Socialists demanded

By:  Diane Benjamin Received by FOIA. The local radicals didn’t ask for assistance, they DEMANDED it.  They have attempted to beat local elected officials into compliance with sheer volumes of insistence. As reported last night, help for people hurt by the government shutdown of the economy is already available: Bloomington elected two socialists and […]

Local radicals not letting a good crisis go to waste!

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night – Note who was the featured guest: If you want to see the demands: Radicals always want to grow government using your money.  Maybe Tari can fill citizens in at tonight’s rescheduled meeting.  I wonder if he made it clear some of their demands are illegal. The radicals aren’t […]

As Seen on Facebook – Bernie supporters

By:  Diane Benjamin None of the below is even possible, but Bernie Sanders supporters are working hard to win the nomination. Why does this matter? Look closer. Bloomington elected 2 people who think the above is possible. Congrats Bloomington.  Aldermen Carrillo and Crabill are active socialists. The other 7 Council members need to stand united […]

School Indoctrination on full display last night

By:  Diane Benjamin 1:36:15 – Tim Gleason reports he held a retreat with around 40 department leaders.  The theme was: Servant Leadership.  Ever heard that from anyone with the City before?  I believe Tim Gleason really believes this.  Nice. Public Comment at the Bloomington City Council meeting started at 16:00 and received a 20 minute […]

Numerous things that don’t need their own story

By:  Diane Benjamin If you didn’t attend the showing of “Scramble the SeaWolves” last night at the Normal Theater, you missed a great movie.  It told the story of Navy helicopter crews who provided defense in Vietnam.  Didn’t know the Navy had helicopters?  Until this movie most people didn’t.  The SeaWolves formed out of need […]

Normal has socialists on the ballot too!

By:  Diane Benjamin See this previous story: If you didn’t think the Normal Town Council is already socialist – it could get worse.  I really appreciate socialist Sonny Garcia posting on social media which candidates fit that plan: He listed the candidates voters need to avoid: Alex Campbell, Joel Studebaker, and Pat Turner. The […]

Buragas proves council isn’t non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin The first day petitions for the City Council could be circulated was August 28th.  That’s almost 3 months ago.  Amelia Buragas finally decided on the final day that she wasn’t running again.  She probably notified Tari a few days ago which led to a frantic attempt to get signatures for a candidate […]

Bloomington: It’s close to over (for you)

by:  Diane Benjamin Does everybody know who Rep. Jan Schakowsky is?  Search the Internet.  She is a confirmed Socialist and member of Democratic Socialists of America.  Contrary to what is taught in schools today, socialism is not a social group or club.  Socialism means government is smarter than you, government controls everything, government must make all […]

Socialism out in the open-because the evil is no longer taught

Hitler wasn’t just a Nazi, his party was the National Socialist Party!  Millions died under Hitler, do some research – socialism has a long history of killing people who don’t agree with them.  Now the Socialist are out in the open here in our county.  The extremist aren’t on the right!  Hitler was elected […]

Divorce Agreement

WRITTEN BY YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENT The person who wrote this is a college student. Perhaps there is hope for us after all.   Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al: We have stuck together since the late 1950’s for the sake of the kids, but the whole of this […]

Debate 1 – Here We Go!!!

By Craig Andresen on October 3, 2012 at 7:12 am Domestic Policy. That’s the topic of tonight’s first debate between the contenders for the presidency. Domestic Policy. Obama will be spinning faster than the centrifuges in Iran. He’s tried NOT to talk about Domestic Policy as the economy continues to drag itself along, barely alive. […]

End Gridlock in DC? Not a chance unless . .

by Diane Benjamin The present Congress will NEVER get along – here’s why: Click this link:  Progressive Caucus This page was printed from the DSAUSA website – see the right top corner.  What is DSAUSA?  Democratic Socialists of America!  It lists all the members of Congress who were members of DSAUSA-the list is from the […]