Numerous things that don’t need their own story

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t attend the showing of “Scramble the SeaWolves” last night at the Normal Theater, you missed a great movie.  It told the story of Navy helicopter crews who provided defense in Vietnam.  Didn’t know the Navy had helicopters?  Until this movie most people didn’t.  The SeaWolves formed out of need and disbanded in Vietnam when the war ended.

I was driving home last night on Lincoln, just east of Veterans Parkway.  It was quite dark, but I could see a very bright flashing white light I thought was in the distance.  A biker is lucky to be alive – he was coming right at me in my lane.  I couldn’t tell it was a bike until his tires were at my right fender.  He wasn’t dressed in bright clothing.

This biker wasn’t riding with traffic as required by law.  Bikers on Empire will be an obstacle course.  Laws are immaterial evidently.

Story about kids sports from August 6, 2019:    Youth Sports – Children’s Health- Inequality


Where it stands: Only 38% of kids aged 6 to 12 played team sports on a regular basis in 2018, down from 45% in 2008, per the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

According to the survey, three of the main reasons kids quit sports are (1) a lack of fun, (2) bad coaches and (3) financial pressure.

  • Meanwhile, low-income families are being priced out, resulting in their children losing not only an opportunity to excel at a sport but also the chance to exercise and make friends.

Youth sports in America is becoming a story of the haves and the have-nots. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate it.

A $50,000,000 sports complex isn’t needed.  Kids don’t need more competitive traveling sports, they need recreation.  Everybody in!

The story has links to other stories.

The people now calling for gun control laws aren’t looking at facts.  None of the laws proposed would have prevented any mass shootings.  Until the real problems are addressed – cultural decay, fatherless homes, and taking God out daily life – the shootings will continue.  The only defense now is to be armed.  These new laws are meant to punish law abiding citizens, criminals don’t care about laws.

Meanwhile in Chicago mass shootings happen every weekend.  Dead kids there are immaterial to the media, obviously gun control doesn’t work.

WGLT reported Democrats at the fair are split between who they support for President.  Two of the top 3 picks are socialist – Bernie Sanders and yet to to admit it, Elizabeth Warren.  The third pick was gaff king Joe Biden.

Unless there is massive voter fraud, Trump will easily win re-election.

WGLT also reported on the GOP.  The progressive tax changes to the Illinois Constitution was overwhelmingly nixed, but many people didn’t have an opinion yet.  Get a Clue folks:  Democrats want your money and this makes it easy.  Rates can be revised up every year, you will not be paying less.

Equality should mean everybody pays the same rate.  To Democrats it doesn’t.  Some things must be more equal than others.

See the story here:

As Illinois marches forward to a $15 minimum wage, jobs will be eliminated.  Some employees will get hours cut resulting in loss of health insurance.  Technology will replace other jobs.  Thank the Democrat Party, it is already starting.

Wages are rising because of low unemployment.  It’s basic economics.  Democrats badly need instruction.

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7 thoughts on “Numerous things that don’t need their own story

  1. There was a recent discussion on FaceBook about how much people paid for the Pantagraph, ranging from $60 year for a low-level online plan to $500 for somebody who got a paper copy every day and managed to miss out on All the various sales promotions. If you’re like me and find BLNNews to be Far more valuable than the Pantagraph, please do see clear to donate at Least $60/yr. ( And I’d recommend notably more, based on how much better BLNNews is! 🙂 )

    Stan Nord has been getting a lot of well-deserved kudos lately, but we need more than just Stan – we need people like Diane, and people like you and me to all do our parts to try and make the world a better place.


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  2. I’ll commit to a minimum of $100 each 6mo, more when I can. Payment going out by Pay Pal tonight or more in the morning. Anyone else ?

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  3. Regarding the $15 Minimum wage. A few days ago when I was up north, I went into the McDonald’s off 55 at the Romeoville/Bolingbrook Exit. We walk in and are looking for the front counter. It was one large open space with tables, seating, and 4-5 Electronic Boards for ordering. I was a little disoriented as I have never seen a McDonald’s like this. I spotted an employee and asked where the front counter was. He showed us the boards for ordering. I asked him where would we would get our food from. He said he would bring it to us. So this location has one lobby person to clean and deliver orders. There was probably 2 employees cooking food (I’m guessing). When I was a manager at McDonald’s 35-40 years ago, things were so much better. High School kids were our employees, as this was usually their first job. Then after they graduated and went on to college, they would be replaced with other high school kids. It’s a shame that the leftists, as usual, have ruined something else.

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    1. McDonald’s streamlining their processes for a higher profit margin is leftist? Interesting. You know what’s also at the Bloogingbrook/Romeoville exit? The McDonald’s Innovation Center. You were eating at a test site.

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      1. We’ve encountered the do-it-yourself order stations. Usually there is a McDonalds employee nearby to assist people in ordering. Somehow I don’t mind using them, avoids the attitude of a real person.


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