Break time!

By:  Diane Benjamin The stories I’ve researched lately have been exhausting!  I need a break today, everything I’ve been researching is too depressing to ruin this lovely day. I’m taking time off to play outside! Meanwhile, the proposed sports complex must already be dead.  Chris Koos promised to have the presentation on Normal’s website yesterday, […]

Motivation Required

I’m sitting here with a 4 inch stack of FOIA request to go through as well as numerous massive digital requests I just received.  I’ve got at least two huge investigations going without a State’s Attorney in sight willing to prosecute.   The Public Access office won’t acknowledge receiving a Request for Review I filed 3 […]

Start the New Year right!

I wish I was independently wealthy, but since I’m not  . . . . I need reader support to continue bringing you news the rest of the media ignores: If you appreciate the truth, please contribute! If you would rather send a check, see this link for address: . Any help is much appreciated!  […]