Motivation Required

I’m sitting here with a 4 inch stack of FOIA request to go through as well as numerous massive digital requests I just received.  I’ve got at least two huge investigations going without a State’s Attorney in sight willing to prosecute.   The Public Access office won’t acknowledge receiving a Request for Review I filed 3 days ago.  Add all that to the failure of the people in McLean County and Illinois to participate in their government with a simple act of voting, I could easily walk away.


If you care:

If you appreciate the truth, please contribute!

If you would rather send a check, see this link for address:

I REALLY appreciate the people who contribute monthly, sadly there aren’t enough of you.






8 thoughts on “Motivation Required

  1. Have you considered setting up a patreon? (

    It allows people to set up recurring donations. Also, it’s specifically set up for content creators, so there’s added features that are desirable to donors like you only get paid if you publish so many articles per month, or that they can pay PER article, up to a maximum per month.

    I believe it’s free to create, though they take a small fee (around 3%, which is comparable to anything that lets you accept credit cards).


  2. OK! I just gave. HOW about EVERYONE give WHAT they can WHEN they are feeling good OR like a story and see WHAT happens. REMEMBER folks, EVERY little bit helps. And the Pantagraph SURE ain’t worth WHAT they charge-just to see who died!!
    It ALL adds up!! DO a good deed it’s BETTER then voting! Even IF you DON’T always agree with Diane!


  3. Money sent in. It’s been a tight few months, but I appreciate someone who exposes potential criminal issues and is willing to stand up where the Pantagraph won’t.


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