2A ALERT – March 24th Bloomington

Bloomington: 11:00 AM, History Museum, 200 Main


CALL TO ACTION! Gun Owners Needed for Counter-demonstrations THIS SATURDAY!

Illinois gun owners live their lives without thinking much about gun control – most of the time.  Right now though, Illinois gun owners see red with the passage of bills to ban common guns and standard-capacity magazines.  To say nothing of the efforts of gun control industry radicals to run the Prairie State’s local gun shops out of business with onerous, state-and local-level Gun Dealer Licensing.

Spontaneous pro-gun rallies downstate have turned out hundreds of people (Bloomington & Decatur).  And the crowd sizes continue to grow.

On March 24th, the national March for Your Guns will take place across America.  The radical Leftist sponsored and organized “March for Our Lives” event will bring groups of misguided folks, useful idiots (see photo below) as well as die-hard gun grabbers to cities near you.

See more at the link above.  See you there!

6 thoughts on “2A ALERT – March 24th Bloomington

  1. Rumor has it that 1,000 anti-gun activists are being brought in for the march through downtown Bloomington.


  2. Here is their plan. Sherry Jain Not sure if you had clicked on “Discussion” but this brings up the feed. Here is the flyer. We will be meeting at the Courthouse Square with a rally beginning at 11am, marching to the BCPA and finishing with the second half the rally. There will be many speakers, singers and performers. It’s going to be an exciting event. There will be a few pre-rally performers at 10:45am and buttons handed out to the early arrivers. I hope this helps 😊


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