Remember the Student Walk out? (BHS)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Students have every right to be upset when they are being slaughtered in their schools.  Funny how the outrage isn’t aimed at the law enforcement who waited outside the Florida High School instead of doing their job!

Suddenly, students across the country wanted to hold a demonstration at 10:00 on March 14th.  In Chicago kids looted during the walkout.

The demonstration was actually calls for gun control.  Schools don’t teach that criminals don’t obey laws and disarming law-abiding citizens won’t solve any problems.

That brings me to BHS and more emails I received under FOIA.

They were smart enough to not let the kids go outside.  The emails say the kids were allowed to stand quietly in the halls for the 17 minutes or stay quietly in their classrooms.

Troubling is the subject line and content on some emails.

Most of the emails have:  “Student Led Demonstration March 14, 2018.”

Another one from the Principal on March 13th has:  “Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform.pdf”

The demonstration was to remember the kids that lost their lives (from the emails).  Does that last one sound like that?  The email goes on to say copies of that PDF will be available to distribute to participants.  It further says to have the students distribute it to other students so it doesn’t look like the teachers are doing it.

Then an email from the Principal to the BHS staff ends with this statement:

We anticipate that all will go well on Wednesday.  Remember that this is a teachable moment for our students and also a chance to empower them to lead their learning and have a voice on issues that impact them.

Did that teachable moment include demanding armed security in the building?  Congress, courts, banks, sporting events, the President, etc etc are protected by good guys with guns.

I saw nothing calling for our most valuable assets to get the same protection.

You need to be at the 2nd Amendment rally on Saturday!

Details here:

Bring your kids, they aren’t being taught in school that “Rights” aren’t up for negotiation.  They are being indoctrinated to demand Americans disarm.

See three of the emails here:

General email about the demonstration

Email mentioning the PDF

Teachable Moment email




8 thoughts on “Remember the Student Walk out? (BHS)

  1. It’s no wonder that parents with the means try to avoid enrolling their kids in Dist. 87.
    in regards to the walkout, most kids will do just about anything to get out of class whether they believe in the cause or not. It’s a very poor sampling.


  2. I don’t know if it was the election in which Rauner and cop hater Shayna won, or if it’s the daily theft from the working poor, or the corruption of the local, state, and federal politicians, or maybe the complete and utter disregard of the constitution and the amendments or the apathy I see in so many people around me, but it’s been a really terrible couple of days. These children, and they are children, being led by the left into a belief that when the government takes away our rights and steals from us they are creating hope and change, it disturbs me. I want to keep my chin up and fight the good fight, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The deck isn’t just stacked against people of faith and people who believe in freedom, it almost feels like we are in a war to keep the things endowed to us by our creator. I feel like I’m on sinking ship with several others who know how to fix the leak, but the Captain and crew don’t care because they have a special reserved life boat and a free ticket to some kind of paradise. I hope God shows us some mercy and that these children find some teachers who not only see the truth but tell them the truth.

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  3. Seems that the Hitler youth were a rather formidable foe against the U. S. forces during occupation, as they KEPT their guns and stockpiled ammo. The REST of the country was disarmed. We SAW how that worked out!!

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  4. OMG! Go play with your guns and shut the fuck up. The principal is not trying to take your stupid guns away. He has more important things to worry about like your stupid kid finding yours and bringing it to school.


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