Bloomington: More One Voice

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bill and Payroll for Monday:

One Voice is an annual trip to Washington DC to beg for money.  Instead of meeting with Illinois representatives IN Illinois, taxpayers are forced to pay for this farce.

Just for Bloomington – 4 people went to Washington DC.  Each was charged $1600 by Economic Development Council for the trip, that didn’t include getting there and getting back.  Diana Hauman also attended, her air fare isn’t in the documentation for approval Monday.

They all flew American.  Why are the airfares different?  FOIA filed.  Keep in mind, Normal, McLean County, and Connect Transit sent people too.

So far this 3 day trip has cost you almost $9000 just for Bloomington.

Normal didn’t get a Tiger Grant for an underpass.  I haven’t heard any updates on the bus transfer station for downtown Bloomington.  Maybe it got thrown in the economy-destroying bill the House and Senate just passed.  Government thinks they can over-spend forever without consequences.  Your kids and grandkids will pay a huge price.








13 thoughts on “Bloomington: More One Voice

  1. If I were a city councilman I would consider it my civic duty not to participate in such a waste of money. One would think that the council don’t know about phones or internet for communication. This isn’t the 1800’s for cryin’ out loud.


  2. I would THINK that ONE intelligent voice would be WAY more effective then several “babbling” voices running around the place..


  3. Oh for crying out loud! Why in the hell does it cost over $700 more to send Tari Renner to this deal than it does Scott Black? Does his ticket include Margot?


    1. That’s what I thought, or maybe he needs a carer/minder now, that or sissy boy had to fly 1st or business class due to his royal privilege – also tickets should NOT be different if bought on same day (I fly a LOT, and pay for it all myself I know this stuff)


  4. Translation of One Voice dialog: Hello Mr./Ms. Representative – Thanks for hosting us in Washington. It’s our pleasure to travel to you at taxpayer expense, even though we’re ironically here to beg for more tax dollars and you work for we the people. Anyway, we would like for you to give us tax dollars, you know…money earned by productive members of society and confiscated by the government, so that we elitists can write checks to our campaign and ideological supporters, including Farnsworth Group, unions, quasi-government agencies, and friends of government. We can assure you that in no way will these projects in any way benefit the average working man or woman. No, these projects are designed to spend, I mean “invest”, in feel-good, vanity projects that citizens are too lazy to look into the financials. You know, like Uptown for example. Anyway, thanks for your time and other people’s money. Toodles, One Voice Attendees


  5. OK Old Stanky, ya got me! On another note, Went to the Dr in PEORIA yesterday, read some magazine in the waiting room called IBI some business magazine-about Peoria. It was JUST like reading the Pantagraph only maybe worse! It was talking about people riding bikes and the HIGH usage of Zagster in Peoria, and how streets are a priority, also “How to find the right fit” and Green space, well, YOU get the ideal! So they must go to these One Voice things and get handouts like we did in 1st grade and come back to their constituents and spew this crap out like THEY thought of this babble speak. SO WHAT DO THEY DO AT THESE THINGS!!


    1. It’s like what these same people (politicians, sociologists, law enforcement, all on the government,,,we the people payroll etc. preach about prisons.) It’s like going to prison, it’s like a college. Once you hook up with the “right” people you learn more dirty tricks on how take advantage of the people. I don’t know for sure about this but they always come back or turn out as sneakier, bigger liars and crooks so I just did the math.


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