Bloomington – FOIA please!

By:  Diane Benjamin

So much spending, so little information.  Some items require an explanation, leave a comment for items YOU will FOIA.  I have far too many outstanding FOIA’s already.

Bills and Payroll for Monday:

Your March contribution to mostly empty buses:

Anybody want to guess what this is?

Media payoff:

I wonder how much the John Butler/CIAM lawsuit against the City is costing you in legal fees?  The Sorling attorney lost a motion this week, you might owe the guy accused of stealing money from the Coliseum commissions.

Most acts at the BCPA don’t cost half of this one!  It sure would be nice to know if ANY events make money at the BCPA.  Nothing has been posted since last December:

Must be to the US Conference of Mayors – this can’t be for attending:

Loans, grants, and more Pantagraph.  Is the City (1) Santa Clause or a (2) Bank?

More pretending government creates prosperity by giving money to unaccountable secret organizations they created.

Why would these meetings need to be transcribed?

All the rest are travel for various departments. Every month’s PCard is like this.  Some departments, like Police, have training required by law.

Don’t miss the last one – you paid to replace a lost FOID card (Firearms Owner’s Identification Card – that only Illinois has)

12 thoughts on “Bloomington – FOIA please!

      1. Wow! BCPA site says “Tickets: $126/ $76/ $66/ $56” There are lots of empty seats if you go the ticket buying page. The math doesn’t look good. There’s still time, but this is probably going to be a loss based on available seats. On top of this, bear in mind that the $75k is not the only expense for the event. Ugh!


  1. There is a Hilola Karimova listed as living in Bloomington and the Namrata Chauhan is a Grad student at ISU. – That’s all I know though.


  2. The FOID replacement was taken from ZOO Maintenance account. Hmmm?!? Does someone at the Zoo carry a gun while on duty?


  3. I will submit a FOIA for the grants and loans section of this email you posted. I am leaving for Florida tomorrow to try and sell my condo as I can’t keep running back and forth and Kathy’s son will need a lot of therapy etc. plus other issues. will see what I can accomplish. Did you get the credit card statements for the last couple months and should I get that too?


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