BHS – Scoundrels & Liars

By:  Diane Benjamin

This BHS and student walkout story is getting more serious.


If you missed the previous stories, catch up:



From the District 87 website about FOIA requests:

Note:  they want to charge .15 cents for FOIA requests after the first 50 pages.

The email below is in response to a FOIA request and claims 200 copies of the document handed to students only cost $1.68.  Evidently BHS wants me to believe copy costs are less than 1/2 cent a page but they charge .15 cents.

They assumed I wouldn’t find out the document I requested was TWO pages.  That’s not 200 copies – that’s 400.  $1.68?


Read the email above again:  District 87 was asked by a student . . . .

That is a lie!

I have the document, I know what’s on it.  Next see part of another email I received by FOIA:

The majority of the document is exactly what is said in this email.  That’s proof it wasn’t brought in by a student.  See the entire email written by the principal – Tim Moore – here:   Teachable Moment email


The above is also proof Tim Moore was pretending the document didn’t originate with him:

BHS principal Timothy Moore was “community organizing” the students.  The document was NEVER brought in by a student.

The Freedom of Information officer for District 87 lied to me about the document.  Look at the email above again.  Attachments:  Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform.pdf.  

Now look at who this email was sent to:  BHS Staff

David Wood needs to check the SENT mail folder!  

David Wood told me they didn’t have the document.  Wood also claims they didn’t create it.  Emails from Principal Moore show the document originated at BHS.  The document was sent to all BHS staff and is still in their mail system.  They have it.


It is a crime to use public funds for other than public purposes.  This flyer did nothing to instruct students about school safety.  It was community organizing for gun control.  It even mentions the local March For Our Lives and a  contest they can enter:  Handgun Violence Student Voices Contest.

Illinois Constitution:


I doubt any discussion of law enforcement not doing their job in Florida happened.  I doubt the Good Guy with a gun stopping another shooter in Maryland was mentioned either.  Criminals don’t obey laws, the kids were told what new laws to support anyway.


Marc Tiritilli was fired for trying to save the district money.

Do liars get to keep their jobs?  Tim Moore should be fired and charged with official misconduct for using public resources to promote a political agenda.  David Wood should be removed as FOIA officer since complying with the law is too difficult for him.

From the Board Policies website:

Building Principals will be evaluated on their instructional leadership ability and their ability to maintain a positive educational and learning environment.

If Moore keeps his job, community organizing and lying about are his job description.

District 87  is teaching their students that doing the right thing gets you fired.  (Tiritilli)

What is the District 87 Board going to teach them about lying and misuse of public funds?

I am 100% sure this is the document distributed to students:  Emailing Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform

If District 87 does not produce the document I know they have, I will be filing a lawsuit against them.  It doesn’t matter that I obtained it from a different source.  They are required by law to give it to me.

What did Barry Reilly know and when did he know it?  He was copied on all FOIA responses.




15 thoughts on “BHS – Scoundrels & Liars

  1. Well, this is a convoluted chain of events. The “Teaching Moments” email of 3/12/18 has an attachment also. I wonder if that attachment is different than the one you have. It’s interesting that the 3/13/18 email references consultation with a lawyer.
    Just so I understand this. The BHS principal was approached by a few students to organize the “walkout” protest. He ends up with flyer for the gun reform protest on this school computer and directs his subordinate to print off copies to be given to classroom teachers for the purpose of “making the flyers available.” However, after consulting with a lawyer, he redirects his subordinate to give the flyers to a student (probably one who originally approach him) for distribution so it appears the protest is not school sponsored.
    All other failings aside, Mr. Moore’s actions are insidious. If he believed this protest was truly a teaching moment, he should have stood aside and let the students learn—15 minute walkout allowed—no assistance—no financial support.
    This action at the school was not a teaching moment. It was a feel good moment—a popularity contest. It taught nothing but bullying.

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  2. Uh oh….I don’t think Mr. Moore is used to being held accountable. I can only hope the school board is preparing to respond to his recent antics. If Tiritilli gets fired for trying to save the district money, I can’t imagine what they will do to Mr. Moore.

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  3. I don’t at all appreciate my taxes being used by the public school system working to destroy any of the amendments within the Constitution of the United States of America. Mr. Moore is traitor to his country. He and those like him need to be removed from their privileges of teaching our children.


  4. I do wonder if teachers had any say in what would happen in their classrooms the day of the walkout. Were teachers forced to reschedule tests? Were they given the opportunity to give students who chose to walk out consequences for missing or disrupting class? Were teachers allowed to ban the distribution of this flier during their classrooms, sort of like passing notes? Were students made aware this is propoganda and not really free speech? Would fliers from the NRA have BEEN ALLOWED? Did the “teachable moment” include a reading of the second amendment along with the history behind and reasoning for that liberty? Will students having a walk out in favor of giving time for Christians to pray at school each day be given 200 copies of a flier created by a Christian teacher or administrator? I have so many questions. Barry? Barry? Barry? Is District 87 even dealing with the violence children see in schools everyday? I’m asking for a 24 year old who was beaten so badly on a District 87 school bus and then on district 87 property 12 years ago this month. She suffers daily from that beating. Remember that Barry? Remember your efforts to remove her first amendment rights? Perhaps it is time for a real “teachable moment” for you.

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    1. You are right about there being so many teachable moments related to this. The walkout was intended to be a 17 minute remembrance of all the people who died in the Florida shooting. It quickly turned into a gun reform rally.

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      1. Of which,,,the march on Washington was planned months in advance, meaning that it was not organized by any of the fake grassroots teeny boppers from Parkland.

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  5. Moore gas some explaining to do. Maybe he aspires to run for public office. I’m not sure a supposed public school educator should be moonlighting as a community activist, especially on the taxpayer’s time and dime.

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  6. Diane, this is quite possibly the dumbest story you have ever produced. I’m encouraged that educators would actually take time to educate students on how to participate in the political process. Is that not a teachable moment? Or you just don’t like it because it is a different viewpoint than yours? And so you want to call it political? Maybe that is because you don’t have to worry about being shot and murdered in your classroom. It’s witch hunts like this that give normal conservatives a bad name. Thanks for dragging us down with you.


    1. That document told the kids what bills should be supported by legislators. Seriously? That’s politics. Mr. Moore must not realize criminals don’t care about laws, they don’t care about the fun free zone sign in the school door either. I’m pretty sure nobody is teaching facts like the 2nd Amendment’s intent and historical context.


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