Say hello to Governor JB

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bruce Rauner will not be able to recover.  In his acceptance speech he said Jeanne Ives ran a principled campaign.  He didn’t.  Illinois is much worse since Rauner has been governor, he doesn’t deserve 4 more years.  Besides the lies he told during the campaign, he is responsible for making Illinois a sanctuary state and forcing pro-life people to fund abortions.

JB will be the next governor.  The Democrats will re-district the State after the 2020 census.  People will continue to flee Illinois and taxes will go up yet again.  Rauner exposed JB’s numerous faults.  Since JB won anyway, integrity doesn’t matter in either party.

Maybe you heard campaign signs appeared too close to polling places yesterday.  I heard they were Bruce Rauner signs.  His people have no morals or values.

Did you know the Rauner lie commercials were not run on WJBC?  Rauner’s money went to Cities 92.9.   If either host called Rauner out I didn’t hear it since I quit listening to their station because of the ads.  I have no intention of going back.  How many other advertisers do they allow to lie?  It’s their business and they can run it anyway they want, it doesn’t mean they deserve an audience.  If anyone thinks media holds government accountable, this proves they don’t.  Money rules, integrity is immaterial.

Jeanne Ives only lost by less than 21,000 votes with almost 700,000 total votes cast.  She spent only $4 million.  It wasn’t just Cities 92.9 that defeated her, it was the media across the State.  Some people knew they were being lied to, some were deceived.  So called “conservative media” failed the voters.

We are the only country where WE get to pick our candidates.  The voter turnout was dismal.  McLean County has 60,875 registered voters, only 16,007 bothered to vote.  Bloomington has 47,833 registered, only 12,374 voted.

It’s really easy for far left radicals to win when the people fail to vote.  The Democrats used the college Democrat kids from IWU and ISU for campaigning.  The kids that are going to graduate and leave the area are deciding your future.

The Republicans are going to pay a price in November, the Illinois decline will only intensify.  Reserve the U Haul now.

The one bright spot is Kathy Michael received more votes than Nikita Richards for County Clerk.  Maybe constantly playing the victim card isn’t working.






20 thoughts on “Say hello to Governor JB

  1. Got my U Haul reserved for April 10th for our move to Columbus Indiana. I did vote for Ives yesterday as my last Illinois vote. Good luck to those of you staying in Illinois.

    1. As I approached the polling place I realized that this may very well be my last vote in Illinois as well. The move is in the works. Sad to leave my home but looking forward to more life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness in being more free.

  2. i doubt if the close race effected The govs composure or reflection on how he’s turned from both republican and conservative ideas and goals . he’s more hype than guts when it comes to Madigan and his crew . I too voted Ives , if only to feel better , as it appears money and corruption will still own the state , i just may move out as well . I love Illinois , but it’s getting too expensive and stupider by the minute when it comes to law , the constitution , fair taxes and smart budgets .

  3. Moving plans still on for this summer. The election had no impact. The governor seat in Illinois has been inconsequential for some time. McLean County is effectively a blue county. The next election will make that official. If you’re for higher taxes, bigger government, government-determined economic outcomes, and declining choice and liberty than McLean County and more specifically Bloomington-Normal is the place for you!

  4. Protest by sending your tax money to private schools instead of the state of Illinois. If you don’t want to pay for abortions, get a tax credit for $3 for every $4 you donate to new private school scholarship program. I intend to donate my entire tax bill, and hope others will too!

  5. I woke up at 3:00am and worked a 10 hour day in Springfield and made it back 15 minutes before the polls closed just to cast a ballot for Ives. She lost by 20,000 votes.

    What’s your excuse?

    1. You couldn’t pay me enough money to run this broken state. It’s ungovernable! These two clowns are spending a fortune to win one of the biggest systemic state civic/government problems in recent memory…running Illinois. Personally, I would have moved out of the state, bought a nice home on the ocean, and cracked open a frosty cold one. Haha!

  6. I too voted for Ives and have taken some solace that she made a good showing despite all she was up against. JB (I call him JellyBelly) Pritzker is awful, just awful, but unfortunately the resoundingly ignorant are allowed to vote so we get people like JB and Bruce at the top of the pile. I can’t leave Illinois for a good while yet, I may leave Bloomington in 2-3 years though and escape to some small town “Podunk” in a redneck county while there are still a few left. Oh the only other solace was Biss was soundly defeated, he is even worse than Pritzker, but of course he won McLean county…

  7. We are moving too in about a month. Sad that I have to leave my home, but I want opportunities for my wife, my kids, and myself and also to not pay for a huge pension mess created by leaders I did not have a say in electing (because I was too young to vote at the time).

  8. Moved to MO two years ago and we are definitely enjoying more life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with much more money in our pockets. We saved almost 9K in property taxes, and home/auto insurance costs alone.

  9. Illinois is done. Just a decade or so behind a full Cali or New York state trajectory. I fault no one for fighting on but life is short and lots of scenic and normal places to live. There is absolutely nothing in this area worth staying. We sold our house three years ago and rent back on a month to month lease. Soon as the youngest finishes high school its all in the mirror. I’m not about to be a taxpayer in the corn for scenery Peoples Republik of Illinois a day longer.

  10. Even if Ives was elected governor, Madigan would still be there. Nothing will change until Madigan is gone.

    1. I’m not sure it matters who the speaker is. The role of the speaker would simply be taken by someone wielding the same power and influence. Many are quick to point out Speaker Madigan is the problem, which I agree with 100%. However, his removal will do nothing. The replacement will have a different name yet same title and unchecked power in a corrupt state.

  11. So many lies here. Illinois is NOT a sanctuary state. To say his people has no morals is sad because you always generalize when it’s convenient. To not vote for Rauner is hypocritical because you wanted the GOP voters to vote for Trump, yet he lied so much. I still voted for him though because unlike you Diane, I’m not selfish and don’t put my feelings over party. I wish I could debate you. You’d probably decline. I’d crush you.

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