By:  Diane Benjamin Homeland Security has not issued a valid retainer for Jose Rodriguez.  They knew when they sent one signed by an immigration officer instead of a judge it wasn’t valid in Illinois because former REPUBLICAN Governor Rauner signed the Trust Act. I looked up who voted to make Illinois a sanctuary State, none […]

Rauner did this – Homeland Security

By:  Diane Benjamin When Jose Rodriguez was arrested last week for the fatal accident his fingerprints were run through the FBI database.  That tipped off Homeland Security who issued an immigration detainer for him. Because Illinois’ former governor signed the Trust Act, McLean County could not hold him for ICE.  The retainer was signed by […]

ISU provides Free Abortions

By:  Diane Benjamin Thanks to the Democrats in a Springfield and the traitor Bruce Rauner, Illinois taxpayers are forced to pay for abortions.  Illinois will become the abortion capital of the Midwest as women flock here to murder their babies. That is why Rauner lost – he lied about not signing the bill. This letter […]

Say hello to Governor JB

By:  Diane Benjamin Bruce Rauner will not be able to recover.  In his acceptance speech he said Jeanne Ives ran a principled campaign.  He didn’t.  Illinois is much worse since Rauner has been governor, he doesn’t deserve 4 more years.  Besides the lies he told during the campaign, he is responsible for making Illinois a […]

Bruce Rauner is a LIAR!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m still running into people who have fallen for the lies the media is allowing Bruce Rauner to spew about Jeanne Ives! Ask yourself why she would run against Rauner if she is in Madigan’s pocket? Rauner gave Madigan everything he wanted: Income tax increase Illinois made a Sanctuary State taxpayer-funded abortions! […]

Media is destroying democracy! (Rauner)

By:  Diane Benjamin We aren’t a democracy, but I might as well use the language of the left.  It fits. It’s bad enough the Pantagraph refuses to do investigative reporting, but now the media is threatening to throw an election for MONEY. Cities 92.9 knows Bruce Rauner is lying in his endlessly running commercial claiming […]

Early Voting is SLOW – Yippy!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m hearing early voting numbers are very low.  That’s a good thing!  There is LOTS of campaigning yet to do, voters need facts first.  The actual election isn’t until March 20th! Thanks to Bruce Rauner’s endless mailings filled with lies, Jeanne Ives now has name recognition across the state.  I can’t believe […]

Early Voting starts tomorrow!

By:  Diane Benjamin Early voting is nothing more than a ploy to get people to vote before they have facts.  It takes a long time to herd people to the polls who might not be so excited about voting.  Cue the Community Bus. Don’t do it! Lines for voting in a Primary are never long, […]

Nikita wanted a Democrat disenfranchised!

By:  Diane Benjamin If early voting had been started on February 8th, a Democrat running for Attorney General could have been disenfranchised.  Scott Drury won in court and will be on the ballot. How many early voters would not have voted for him because he might be kicked off the ballot?  How many people have […]

Dump Rauner for Jeanne Ives

By:  Diane Benjamin Bruce Rauner has accomplished little for Illinois, now add he declared Illinois a sanctuary state and forced pro-life people to pay for abortions.  He is mistaken to believe his base will support him for another 4 years.  We have been betrayed by Rauner and we will not forget. We have a better […]

1st the State – local fleecing next

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois politicians at almost every level don’t understand how to live within their means.  They don’t believe you are entitled to spend your money how you want it spent.  Quality of Life!  They know what that is, you don’t. Chris Koos just got a nasty surprise: Funny how both mayors didn’t have […]

Vogel: Get some facts first

By:  Diane Benjamin Saturday little Stevie Vogel spewed more nonsense in his weekly Pantagraph Editorial.  The best I can say is he put his name on it.  Nobody else at the Pantagraph is brave enough to acknowledge their work. Yep Stevie, Illinois is all but destroyed.  People leave everyday, more wish they could leave.  Jobs […]

Pantagraph: What a waste

By:  Diane Benjamin I planned to do this story yesterday, but then the Matt Sorensen story sidetracked me all day.  My readers are GREAT at giving me tips – this was one of them.  The Pantagraph read is on my site, it still took them an hour to do a story. Yesterday, the paper devoted […]

HUGE day tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington: Alderman Kevin Lower’s Town Hall for ALL of Bloomington.  The Mayor and Council aren’t listening, Kevin will. Lafayette Club 7:00 pm – 1602 S Main Street 18th Congressional District: Election to replace Aaron Schock The choice is very easy.  If you love John Boehner and establishment Republicans, Darin LaHood is your choice.  Boehner threw a […]

Rauner using Reagan’s playbook

By: Diane Benjamin Ronald Reagan defeated the establishment by taking his message to the people.  Today Governor Rauner did the same thing in Bloomington, in fact he is going all over the state taking his message to the citizens. His favorite line (used over and over): “I don’t care who I make cranky”. Close to […]

Get Out and VOTE!

By:  Diane Benjamin Below are links to every story I’ve written about the election. I received a report yesterday that in the LAST election an electronic voting machine switched a Republican vote to Democrat – IN BLOOMINGTON  Funny how they NEVER switch a Democrat vote to Republican!  Use Paper ballots, fraud will be rampant in Illinois. Vote for […]

Still afraid of Rauner? Read this!

This article is written by economist Steven Moore.  Moore is a co-author of a book called Rich States, Poor States which compares what works and what doesn’t in all 50 states.  It was written years ago, but Illinois was still at the bottom even back then.  If you have any reservations about voting for Rauner, […]

Democrats came close to electing the GOP nominee

by:  Diane Benjamin The official 2014 Primary elections results aren’t yet available, but the vote totals that are available show a clear difference between the Primary for Governor in 2010 and yesterday’s election.  Here are the official results from 2010: Leaving the Green party candidate out, a total of 1,683.211 votes were cast. 46% of […]