By:  Diane Benjamin

Homeland Security has not issued a valid retainer for Jose Rodriguez.  They knew when they sent one signed by an immigration officer instead of a judge it wasn’t valid in Illinois because former REPUBLICAN Governor Rauner signed the Trust Act.

I looked up who voted to make Illinois a sanctuary State, none of the local House or Senate members voted Yes.      http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/votehistory.asp?DocNum=0031&DocTypeID=SB&LegID=98874&GAID=14&SessionID=91&GA=100&SpecSess=

With the Trust Act, who is going to be the next AMERICAN to die because illegal aliens are WELCOME?  Maybe the YWCA, ACLU, Blm-Normal Democrat Socialists, or Illinois People’s Action can tell us how many loved ones need to be sacrificed.

Corey Cottrell won’t be the only victim.

Obviously Jose Rodriguez is one those people welcomed.  He likely broke the law entering the country.  He is accused of:

  • driving without a license
  • running  a red light
  • killing a father of 2

It seems he never bothered to learn much, if any, English in the 5 years he is reported to have lived here.

Legal immigrants come here to assimilate.  Jose’s address is a mobile home.  He is not listed as the owner – a guy named German Rodriguez owns it.  Is he the source of the bail?  It was paid in cash, I hope the State’s Attorney asked the judge for proof of the source.  They can trace it to make sure it wasn’t from illegal activities.  According to CarFax, the current owner has only owned the van for around 5 months.  In that time more than 17,000 miles have been added.

David Paul Blumenshine has announced he will again run against Dan Brady for State rep.

It won’t be easy because as of March 31, 2019 Brady had $145,203.24.    https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/7645/

Brady voted for many of the tax increases including the Motor Fuel Tax.  Democrats didn’t need the votes of Republicans.  The real problem  – pensions – will continue to destroy the budget.

Springfield Republicans have done nothing to stem out migration, fix the pension crisis, or reform Medicaid.  Dan Brady is in leadership.  It’s hard to see that however since there isn’t any leading.  Term Limits anyone?  It’s called vote for someone who hasn’t been part of the problem approaching 2 decades.

Tonight at Bloomington Council:

In June several people spoke at public comment against a liquor license for the Park Pantry.    https://blnnews.com/2019/06/18/bloomingtons-3-hour-meeting/

Tonight it is on the consent Agenda:

park pantry

It will be interesting to see if the additional requirements listed above will be enough to make them happy.  It won’t be discussed unless an alderman pulls it from the Consent Agenda.

One more:

h/t a reader

Normal passed an ordinance making recycling mandatory at multifamily dwellings.  The costs go up for landlords, so does the rent.  Government prevents affordable housing.

This pic is how one location is complying.  The bin will either fill up quickly and recyclables will end up on the ground, or they will be tossed in garbage anyway:

Normal recucling

According to this article a lot of it ends up in the landfill, cities across the country are abandoning recycling:


Normal abandoned it when they quit paying the cost for drop off locations.

Common sense anyone?

Want more?  Read this one:








8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Finally someone willing to run against Dan Brady. Time to get David Blumenshine elected. Lets get this done. What are the deadlines?


      1. IL Board of Elections has not posted yet, but here are the dates from last year. The actual dates are probably 2-3 weeks later than these. Again these are rough estimates so Do Not take these as authoritative, just ballpark.
        Petitions cannot be circulated before August 28. They can be turned in the week of Nov 20.


  2. No one in local leadership cares if more people get hurt or killed because of illegals. To know any of these people is to get a hard face slap on how they view the world. As brutal as it sounds, someone getting seriously hurt or even killed is just inconvenient collateral damage in winning political policy fights or winning future elections. It is all about making their worldview a reality. It is the only thing that matters to them. To hell with anything else or anybody else


      1. Many of them would see it as a honorable personal sacrifice for the cause. They would defend the responsible person or persons. Hard to believe I know but people that think like this are in local government.


  3. I spoke out against the recycling ordinance when it was first brought before the council. I’m not anti-recycling – I started recycling literally decades ago – but this is just a bad ordinance. There are a number of smaller reasons for this, but here are the major ones:

    It passed based on 3 specious-at-best arguments:
    – 3000+ ISU student signed a petition claiming that it was difficult for them to recycle. I work at ISU. Every day on my way to work there are 6 recycling containers where I could make slight detours to drop off any recyclables I might care to bring from home. That is above and beyond the three that I literally walk past. My experience admittedly may not be typical, but ISU is Very recycling-friendly – Any student who claims they cannot recycle is not ‘enviro-friendly’, they are simply too lazy to follow through on what they claim is important to them.
    – The council had voted to significantly decrease the number of recycling drop-offs the town would operate because they were not cost-effective, so mandating apartment recycling would be a replacement of sorts for that. I fail to see the logic of claiming a program is ‘too expensive’ to be a municipal initiative, but is an acceptable expense to force onto Normal’s lower-income residents. But I guess this is in line with the town’s unusual definition of ‘affordable housing’ that appears to consist primarily of subsidizing luxury apartments.
    – Mandated apartment recycling is part of The Plan. Ignoring for the moment that the Council should be working for The People and not for The Plan, they are correct that having all apartments recycling is a plan goal. FOR 2037. Why did this need to be rushed into place more than 15 years ahead of schedule without taking time to consider the impacts, level of need, etc?

    Further, this is a bad, Environmentally Destructive ordinance.
    – Many apartments will need to tear out grass or even landscaping to put in pads to place the recycling containers.
    – This will double the number of diesel-truck-trips through our community to collect refuse. This means more air pollution, more noise pollution, and more wear and tear on both municipal roads and private pavement, increasing their need for maintenance.
    – A lot of ‘recycled’ materials end up in landfills anyway. Some estimates put the rate at over 50%. By mandating people who are otherwise not very interested in recycling to do so, you are ensuring that the amount of trash that has to be wastefully double collected, sorted and processed, recollected, and then disposed of anyway will increase greatly, more than doubling the post-consumer carbon footprint of those materials.

    Normal, Bloomington, Illinois, and the US in general needs to start electing people who work For The Common Good, not for self-aggrandizement, or special interests, or political party, or whatever else.


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