Abandon Ship Abandon Ship! (I mean the bus)

By:  Diane Benjamin

News Flash:  The working group is a joke.  Connect Transit has no intention of serving the people who MUST ride the bus because the board is appointed by 2 mayors who think Bloomington-Normal is Chicago.  Don’t forget Connect hired a firm for more than $50,000 to facilitate – they expect you to pay for it!

Want proof Connect doesn’t care?

See this link:  https://www.connect-transit.com/business/procurement/bids_and_proposals/bidrequest.asp?bidID=120

Connect has a Request for Proposal out for Electric Buses!  Big  Ones

It’s obvious the huge empty buses are a waste of money.  It’s obvious the huge buses destroy infrastructure.  It’s obvious ridership could increase 50% and the buses would still be mostly empty.

Connect has no intention of buying buses that fit the number of riders.  They have no intention of being able to drop people at the hospital door again.  I hear these electric buses are even heavier than the ones they have now.  Why fix the roads when the buses will destroy them?

Connect doesn’t care because the Board is doing the bidding of Koos and Renner.  Obtaining smaller buses to navigate trailer parks, other formerly served neighborhoods, and tight corners is out of the question.

Electric buses cost more than diesel.  Connect is going to install solar panels that won’t show a return on investment for decades.  Of course, they aren’t using their money.  They are getting free money!  It’s still money that was stolen from you by government, but it’s free to them.

The working group was formed so those needing bus service would be pacified.  Nothing will change except the local taxpayers will be forced to pay more for this nonsense.

Until Koos and Renner are gone, public transportation will continue to steal your money and not provide services to the people who need it.

Albuquerque New Mexico pulled all electric buses off their roads.  The batteries will never last as long as the manufacturer says they will.  Wait until winter drains those expensive batteries.

December 11, 2018


Albuquerque mayor Tim Keller announced that the City is taking legal action against BYD bus company. BYD was contracted by the city to build 60-foot, fully electric buses for the troubled Rapid Transit project.

“The short story is we’re taking BYD to court,” Kelly said. The city forced BYD to remove the buses from the city last week over a number of safety and battery-life issues. Keller said the city reached out to BYD in an attempt to settle the conflict through mediation, but the mayor said BYD “didn’t even call us back.”



25 thoughts on “Abandon Ship Abandon Ship! (I mean the bus)

  1. Everyone needs to get out their big floppy shoes, their red rubber noses, and their orange fright wigs so they can fit in on the Fuhrer Koos and Mayor Little Man’s electric clown bus. The Transit Disconnect clown bus… yes its crazy… yes its out of control… yes only morons will ride on it. If there were flying buses, Transit Disconnect would probably be asking to buy 20 of them. It’s not just a public transit system, its a comedy act that would be funny if it was not real. Well anyway citizens of our fine community… climb on board…. we are all Bozos on this bus!

  2. Hey, I saw a bus two days ago with one person on it. That makes it all worth the cost.

      1. Even my kids (8 and 10) ask why no one ever rides the bus, and I’ve never said anything about it in front of them. They get it, yet Tari and his minions don’t.

    1. I am glad someone appreciates my rather warped sense of humor. We are all bozos on their Clown Bus whether we like it or not. It is really disheartening to watch this spectacle of lame brain stupidity which the leftist morons have foisted upon our good towns and the good people of our towns. Their behavior and their policies are an abomination and an insult to the people who built this area, cared about it, made in flourish, made it into a place to raise our families and live our lives in peace and prosperity. Now we have two leftist Frankenstein governments supported by elitist liberals, who stalk and attack the very core of our communities with a mission to change our communities and our people into something they approve of. At a time when we are challenged by technological innovation and disruption, they wield their power not to prepare or improve but to spend their way into creating towns that are acceptable to them. Remembering what we once had here makes me doubly sad to see what we have become; thanks to them.

  3. If Taxin’ Tari and Kooky Koos had any real brain power of their own, you’d think they’d work with (lol) Rivian to get their electric trucks into production. Use ’em as is (if they ever is) or make ’em 8 person limo size and hire some ex-cons to chaufffer folks around in them. Heck, 49 of those in fleet should be plenty. I’ll donate my thoughts and contract for royalties to my beloved home town Bloomington to go STRICTLY towards street repair and to help bolster the retirement for our fine road crews.

  4. The new boulevard tree plantings on Veteran’s Parkway are already getting overgrown with weeds! It’s like your kid wants a puppy and swears to take care of it but never does. Doesn’t feed it, doesn’t pick up the poo. Responsibility for ongoing needs is a complete joke. All city owned vehicles should just have big red clown noses (not to be mistaken with Rudolph noses) on their front grills. At least then the taxpayers might find a little humor in their fleecing.

    1. Yes – red noses should be a thing here… All city bozos need red noses – we should go to city meetings with red noses – we are all Bozo’s on this bus created by Fuhrer Koos and Mayor Little Man. Wear your red nose with the disgust you feel for the current state of affairs…. you people who didn’t vote should have a red nose super glued to your nose permanently.

  5. “Ya know the whole thing reminds me of Dune (the book)
    Tari Renner is Shaddam IV —The Emperor more interested in the pomp and circumstance than the needs of the people
    Chris Koos is Baron Vladimir Harkonnen — Vladimir name seems so appropriate plus gets his jollies thru other people’s pain.
    To Be Determined — Paul Atreides that person that finally rises from the masses and brings an end to these two
    Connect Transit Busses are the Sand worms— Very big ugly creatures that eat and destroy taxpayer money and the existing infrastructure for no good purpose
    Taxpayers Money is “the spice” that once Tari and Chris got a taste they can no longer live without using for their own gratification and self serving wants thus ignoring the people’s needs
    All taxes and collectors of taxes is “The guild”; who ruled by being those who collected “the spice” for Tari and Chris’s
    The money left to the taxpayers is equal to water on Dune, which on Dune there was very little…..

  6. This attempt to ignore the public and in fact just facts that show a ton of issues makes me wonder who’s profiting and how much from all of this , plus the amount of funds exchanging hands covering all sorts of things while routes , services , and concerns over things get ignored , cut or rubbed in folks faces . This piss azz bunch are not even trying to be efficient or practical , public hospitable transport givers , but instead a corporate raider looking for dollars to squeeze out of any . my 2 cents . Back in the mid 60’s , small buses were full and ran well , and most were satisfied customers , and routes were added as well as stops . today it’s , let them figure how to get on .and lets buy the worst equipment possible and use as much cash to do it we can , less any divied out for this , that and top fees . Shameful .

  7. Electric busses that have to be plugged into fossil fuel outlets every night to recharge? Electric busses that will not be able to run efficiently(insert eye roll) in the cold winters of Illinois? Buses so big they run over and ruin curbs/sidewalks & take out fire hydrants? Sounds just like a liberal idea to me. All of this just spells MORE tax dollars wasted . Again, further proof that once Liberals get their hands on something it just spells doom.

  8. Disconnect will tell the Ragograph that the state of Illinois will provide some of the funds. WE THE PEOPLE are getting shafted again with double taxation,or is it triple? Illinois taxpayers will pay for it. Bloomington/Normal taxpayers will pay for it as well as being charged to ride the bus. Ooops,maybe fourple taxation if the federal gov ponies up dollars. Hows that grab ya?

  9. I want to brighten everyone’s Sunday with a video from John Ward. He is one of my favorites on YouTube. Even though we are in the middle of our local liberal leftist lunacy, there is much to be happy about and things are changing for the better. Watch “Democrats Had Their Worst Week In 47 Years” https://youtu.be/kMkZ32iqw4o

    Enjoy and let’s continue to fight against the leftists who are trying to destroy our towns.

    Fuhrer Koos – we got your number…
    Mayor Little Man – we see right through you…
    Elitist Leftists – we know who you are…
    SJWs – we will never submit to your insanity
    NPCs – we will never tolerate your group think or your ignorance

  10. While I do not live in these two cities, but know them very well, it is obvious, not because so much of BLN, but just the plain everyday facts, that two things stand out like a nose bleed. They do not need these big buses and NO ONE IS LISTENING! Its like being in a wagon with a runaway team of horses running as fast as they can toward a cliff. Weather you like them or not, is there NOTHING that anyone in our State or Federal government can guide these misguided soles?

  11. I’m surprised they haven’t bought double-deckers in anticipation of the throngs of imaginary tourist that will be flooding our streets in search of…..


    Somebody help me out here. What are they coming here for again?

    1. According to Fuhrer Koos when he rammed the taxpayer funded (incentive) for the hot dog stand through the city council – Normal would become a destination for hot dog hungry citizens from the surrounding towns. So after enjoying government subsidized hot dogs… it makes sense to cruise around the town with your family on one of our very LARGE government subsidized buses! Yes there is always PLENTY of room for the entire family. Bring grandma and grandpa! Bring all your relatives who don’t hate you. Hot dog and big bus riding fun for the entire family here in Blono!

  12. Mayor Little Man – we see right through you…Yes! Yes! That’s the transparency he is constantly talking about!

    1. Yes and we can all thank Diane, the Age of Information and everyone who takes the time to read and comment on this site. Yes, Mayor Little Man has no clothes as he parades around our city and chairs the city council meetings. Mayor Little Man hates the “Right Wing Blogger” but what he really hates is transparency, the truth and being exposed for what he is. Fuhrer Koos wants to hire someone to counteract “negative social media” which is once again this publication and the truth bombs that are hurled at him and the city on Twitter.

      No longer can the powerful hide behind walls of lies and propaganda. We now have the power to know, to challenge and to hold the Bozos running our towns accountable.

      Since Mayor Little Man is a college professor AND the head of his department, perhaps we should see how NPC University is reacting to the recent 4th of July holiday? Enjoy https://youtu.be/pbY8-PMnenQ

  13. Yesterday , Saturday, I watched every bus as I drove to almost every part of the city on errands.I counted 16 big buses , riders ranged from 0 to 4. No bus was little, all were the big ones. Suggestion- Take away all subsidies, maybe then you will get Transit that fits your city and they will listen to riders needs or they will quit and we will get a new bus company.

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