Normal: Make a decision

By: Diane Benjamin Tonight’s meeting:–PDF This meeting would have been 10 minutes a few years ago. It won’t be tonight because bloviating is vital when running for re-election, and the ever popular: attack Stan Nord. The bills still can’t be discussed. The agenda is short, the biggest discussion will be around recycling and paying […]

Normal: Squashing Transparency

By: Diane Benjamin New software is being used for FOIA requests at the Town of Normal. Formerly requestors were allowed to log in and instantly see old FOIA requests or the status of new ones. Those days are over. See the new screen here: I played around with “Search Archives”. Even simple items like […]

Normal last night – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin The reason I love these remote meetings is it’s easy to catch your elected officials proving they don’t care: This is Kathleen Lorenz – 55:42.  The others have similar moments we would never see at a regular Council meeting.  Stan had pulled a water project that was going to be over $400,000 […]

Bloomington Agenda for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin Details on PDF page 11: Great job by City employees, what took so long to recognize them? PDF page 63 – the City needs to budget for extensive restoration of the outside – BCPA.  This is just repairs. PDF page 93 – Another cost taxpayers could have avoided if they had voted […]

Recycling? How much ends up in the landfill?

By:  Diane Benjamin It would be nice if everything that could be recycled was.  Normal passed an ordinance mandating recycling for multi family housing.  The joke just might be on the kids who begged the Trustees to pass it.  Their rent will go up and all “recyclables” may end up in the landfill anyway.  Of […]

No money in it: Recycling

By:  Diane Benjamin If money could be made from recycling, Normal wouldn’t have stopping funding drop off locations.. Midwest Fiber wouldn’t let the drop off boxes get stuffed to capacity creating a mess when people just leave the junk outside the bins. I have been dropping of recycling for years behind Walmart in Normal.  These […]

Ecology Action Center is livid

By:  Diane Benjamin The local environmental activists thought they had their plan to force EVERYONE to recycle in the bag.  They spent two years meeting with people they call “stakeholders”.  Even if you did hear about one of their public meetings or hearings, I bet you didn’t go. Details here: Their plans to use force […]

Recycling backfires

By:  Diane Benjamin Many people recycle.  Curbside pickup makes it pretty easy.  Evidently, curbside also makes recycling cost prohibitive.  Gee, somebody has to separate all the cans, bottles, etc. Also included in the June City Manager’s report is this: Blue bins are the reason why American recycling is stalling  (Page 23) Once a profitable […]